Simple monitoring for DevOps teams running Cloud Services at scale
  • 1-10 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2013

A New Company Off to a Flying Start

Dataloop.IO is a new ambitious start-up aiming to become the defacto monitoring solution for DevOps/Operations teams running Cloud Services at Scale.

We started this company after launching several Cloud services in our careers, the most recent being Alfresco's Cloud Service and struggling with the current defacto monitoring tools (i.e. Nagios) each time, which were designed in an era before Cloud, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. 

Like any good start-up, we spent last year talking to many of London's largest online services to validate if they were also struggling with the same issues. It turned out the majority were, even with some of the new tools in the market trying to address these issues. In fact 2 large companies were struggling with these issues so much they paid us upfront to work closely with us to develop the product!

In addition to customers, we were also accepted into the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, and are now closing a large seed round to accelerate our business off the back of that.

We're also organisers of what has become London's largest DevOps Meetup with over 650 members, DevOps Exchange London.

We now have 20 companies, including serveral well known names, using Dataloop.IO as part of our private Beta, and our two phenomenal developers need help keeping up with the feature requests coming in so we can launch a Public Beta later this year!

A Small Credible Team Solving A Big Problem

You'll be joining a small founding team as our first employees ahead of our launch of the product online later this year. 

At the core of every successful start-up is a great team. Although we only launched end of October 2013, as you can see above we've had a lot of early wins due to the experience and network the founding team have bought to ensure Dataloop.IO becomes a successful, leading company in the space:

  • David Gildeh (CEO): David is a serial entrepreneur who has already founded and sold a tech company previously. After being acquired by Alfresco he launched and grew their Cloud business from scratch before leaving to start Dataloop.IO last year. David is an active member of the London start-up community and regularly advises other Cloud start-ups.
  • Steven Acreman (CTO): Steven has over 12 years of operations experience, and was one of the first people in the UK to adopt practices that later become known as "DevOps". Steven has launched several large online services in his career so deeply understands the challenges and needs of our target market.
  • Colin Hemmings (Chief Architect): Colin has 9 years development experience designing and developing large online services. He pretty much single handedly built the core part of Dataloop.IO before our first developer, Tomasz, joined.

We have customers, we know there's a huge opportunity in this space for a new company to take advantage of, and now we want to add to our core team with great developers who can build a beautiful, world class product.

Our Tech Stack

Monitoring is really a Big Data problem - how do you collect, process, store and visualise billions of metrics coming in every minute from 1000's of customers? And to do that in a simple to use, real-time app, you won't struggle to find interesting problems that need solving while working on Dataloop.IO.

Our Cloud monitoring service comprises of an online application (written in node.js) and a cross-platform python agent that users install on their servers to send back metrics.

The architecture has been designed to scale to millions (if not billions) of metrics being sent back every minute so we can analyse, visualise and alert on the metrics as they arrive in real time. All metrics data is stored in Riak, and users account configuration in MongoDB.

The front end uses the backbone.js framework, node.js for services, and websockets for real time communication between the browser and service.

We have great benefits

chance to get involved early with high growth start-up

A brand new, super powerful, laptop for developing on

Flexible working schedule, work from home as needed

Regular team lunches and dinners

Early stock options in a high growth company

Who you'll work with

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London, United Kingdom