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Where Science meets Engineering

Our team is composed of PhDs, postdocs and engineers. Software engineers work in support of our missions to serve academia, industry, and the public at large.

Your users will be programmers, perhaps less well versed in software engineering than you, but full of energy and ideas on how to push their projects forward. It is up to you to ask the right questions to learn from them, and then discover what you need to teach them in order to make them successful in their academic career, thereby advancing the lab's research agenda.

Our work is varied, and changes with the academic seasons. One month you might prepare for a release, so that incoming students have a stable foundation to work from. Then you might travel to a kickoff meeting for a European research consortium. You could schedule a weekly meeting to advise a student, and grade their project at the end of the semester.

A colleague could bring you a problem using our API, and you might propose a different approach, or decide to add a new API that suits her user case.

A report of a new attack on the cryptographic protocols we use could arrive, and you'd need to work fast to determine the scope of the attack, and choose the right reaction to it.

You could be the first to try a homework assignment, and give feedback that it's too hard, or too easy. (It's too easy for you, of course, but what about the students?)

And then summer comes, and the pace changes again as a new set of students with new energy arrive to start their academic career.

Our Tech Stack

We're constantly searching for what new technology makes sense in our workflow. Will it be Rust? Scala?

High response rate

This company responds to the majority of applications it receives.

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Company Benefits

  1. Reduced fares for public transport and other offers.
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Lake, ski resorts, view - we have it
  4. Big range of food choice
  5. Attractive salaries
  6. Ideas, discussions, colloquia, explorations, simulations, and more!