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DXC Luxoft

11 hours ago

Join us to become part of the Luxoft mobility revolution! We have multiple automotive-sector opportunities open, including: - QA Automation - QA Manual - Product Owner - DevOps - Senior Program Manager

DXC Luxoft

2 days ago

With Luxoft, every step, every road, and every challenge is achievable.   #Luxoft #Global #IT #leader #career #opportunities #joinus #LuxLife #journey 

DXC Luxoft

5 days ago

With so much of the global workforce now working from home, businesses are asking themselves, “What do we do about the office?” In our latest blog post, we look at the stats around remote work and what they mean for financial service firms: #remoteworking #financialservices

DXC Luxoft

1 week ago

The financial impact of the pandemic highlighted the need for modernizing mortgage default servicing. Download our white paper and learn how our EarlyResolution solution automates the entire default process:

DXC Luxoft

1 week ago

Today we get the chance to thank our wide workforce of experts who bring measurable, significant change to diverse industries by finding new ways to implement their dedication & creativity. Our programmers impress us day-in and day-out. Happy Programmers Day!

Luxoft is made by its Luxofters, the people who unite behind common values to build the future of IT.

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Luxoft is built by Luxofters. Every day, through tireless collaboration, we come together to construct the future of IT. The members of our team form the backbone of our business, so we make sure to fuel their continual achievement while simultaneously building the highly effective teams that are the Luxoft incubators for unparalleled accomplishment. The ethos guiding our investment into each and every Luxofter can be described in three core words: Grow, Unite, Lead.



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