Video Coaching for Teachers
  • Education, Education Technology, SaaS
  • 1-10 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2011

Who we are and what we do

We are a small team on a mission to help teachers improve their craft. Three of us are Teach for America alumni, and two of us are software engineers. As a group, we enjoy food trucks, chocolates, and cat videos.

Our product is a video-based observation and feedback tool for educators. Users upload video of their classroom instruction, and share it to coaches who provide feedback at specific moments in time. It's a lot like a baseball player improving his swing by analyzing a series of game tapes.

We are taking a top-down approach to improving education. By creating the tools needed to boost teacher performance, we can make a dramatic improvement in student outcomes. Our vision is to enable all teachers to get excellent coaching anytime, anywhere.

We are already working with thousands of teachers across the country, but to grow even faster, we need to expand the engineering team and add several new features to our product. If that sounds like a challenge you're up for, let us know!

About our culture

We paint behind the fence
You know that corner case that seems unlikely a user will find? I promise you she will - the night before her project is due. Getting the details right really matters to us and to our customers. That doesn't mean we always ship perfect code, but we do our best and we fix our mistakes when we find them.

We prioritize design
The ideas for all major features come directly from conversations with our users, and go though many iterations with our UI/UX team. Even though our customers have "enterprise" software expectations, we do everything in our power to delight them with an intuitive interface.

We play nicely
Treating others on the team with respect is of paramount importance, and no level of work output can override this requirement. In other words, brilliant jerks are not invited to become Edthenians.

We support our teachers
If a user reaches out for help, we answer as fast as we can (currently 82% better than the industry average). Edthena has a dedicated customer support person, but we are all ready to pitch in at any time with whatever is needed.

We teach others
Whether it's writing a blog post, presenting at a meetup, or answering questions on stackoverflow, we go out of our way to share what we learn with the tech and education communities.

We use cool tech

Edthena is built with meteor. Because it was one of the earliest meteor apps in production, we have had the opportunity to work closely with the platform creators to provide feedback and guidance. If you like living on the bleeding edge of js frameworks, Edthena may be the right place for you.

We have a strong preference for tools which let us write succinctly without the need for endless closing tags and brackets. For this reason, we like Jade and Stylus for HTML and CSS preprocessing, and CoffeeScript for the bulk of our code.

Our database is MongoDB. Not because it's cool or "web-scale", but because it's the officially supported option for meteor. We like mongo, but we don't send them holiday cards.

In addition to our main app, we've built a cross-platform video upload tool using nw.js. It's pretty slick, but our customers are also interested in having something they can use directly from their phones. We're considering either native or cordova-based solutions - it's definitely something you could help us figure out.

Edthena is hosted on EC2. Our CTO has a background in doing ops, so sysadmin shenanigans aren't something you'll need to concern yourself with unless you like that sort of thing.

If our tech choices tickle your fancy, please drop us a line.

We have great benefits

Health insurance

Beautiful office in SOMA

Flexible hours

Awesome gear

Who you'll work with

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940 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103