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We are disrupting the energy industry with high tech energy intelligence and real-time data insights!

Help us enable the energy evolution!

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Our tale: what we do

Energyworx is a rapidly growing data analytics and machine learning company, operating in a changing world of energy use. In this world, we move away from fossil fuels transitioning to a diverse Energy Mix and a change from centralized to distributed generation. People and communities care about energy efficiency and want to be engaged in reducing their environmental impact. This requires a rethink of the structure and suppleness of the Smart Grid and its systems. Data is fuelling the industry and energyworx is putting these disparate data streams and stores to use with high tech energy intelligence to solve today’s information challenges.

Our cloud-based platform covers everything from data ingestion and data cleaning to business deployment and monetization. Whether our clients need to ingest enormous amounts of data as batches or streaming every day, a minute or second, our platform provides them instant and real-time access with limitless storage and computing power. We also help them to uncover the hidden value of their data for a large variety of applications.

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Our team: meet the dataholics!

Since its founding by Edwin Poot and Erik van Wijk, the Energyworx family has grown to a group of 20 dedicated, talented and unique individuals, who all possess a continuous drive for innovation and a strong addiction to data. Both our Customer Success and Product Development team consist of a dynamic mix of software developers and data scientists, with Edwin (CVO) and Erik (CTO) as their technical mentors. The variety in seniority and project teams makes for the ultimate knowledge sharing community. We walk the extra mile, dare to be ingenious and take ownership!

What our developers love about being part of Energyworx:

  • direct impact on the product
  • direct contact with the customer
  • being encouraged to voice creative and innovative ideas
  • being able to experiment with the latest technologies (we’re Google alpha testers)
  • joining an awesome and fun-loving team in shooting for the moon


Our Tech Stack

At Energyworx, all developers contribute to the SaaS platform by writing code needed to tailor the platform to the needs of our customers. As a developer, you are not only responsible for the code you write, but also for writing tests, testing the functionality on cloud scale, and making sure it will be deployed. An idea can go live in the cloud in a matter of hours. Using the latest Google technologies, we host our entire product on the Google Cloud Platform with as little servers to maintain as possible. Configuring Virtual Machines will not be your day-time job. By using Python as our main programming language and offering a pluggable system, we allow our customers to create their own pluggable functionalities and analyze terabytes of data with just a few clicks. The output is visualized in the front-end, which is based on the Angular framework, complemented with JavaScript ES6.

If you're interested in what our Developers have to say about our culture, check out their blogs here!


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Energy & Utilities, SaaS, Software Development


11–50 employees




VC Funded



Company Benefits

  1. Informal culture: lots of unicorns, cheesecake, and nerf gun battles!
  2. Work with the latest technologies
  3. Travel the world while visiting international clients
  4. Flexible working hours
  5. An adjustable desk + MacbookPro 15" & 2 x Apple Thunderbolt Display
  6. Free to use Energyworx loan-bikes
  7. Free lunch, fruit, and snacks every day
  8. Fun and banter at our Friday afternoon drinks and company events