• Internet of Things, Mobile
  • 11-50 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2012

Real-world context for your apps

At Estimote (YC S13) we're developing an operating system for the physical world. It will change how people run brick-and-mortar businesses and how consumers interact with physical products.

We're a full-stack company building a platform consisting of Bluetooth Smart beacons, mobile SDKs, and cloud-based services.

We empower mobile developers to create magical moments—at the right time, in the right place, for the right person. Welcome to the contextual-computing era!

How we work and who we aspire to be

We start by asking "Will this make developers’ lives better?"

We encourage taking ownership and we value self-motivated doers who are curious, like to experiment, and have the courage to take intelligent, data-informed, risks (hey, the space is new and we don’t have all the answers yet).

We have a long-term vision but we like to err on the side of shipping an incremental quantum of utility today. We believe that a small feature that is shipped to users today is better than an assumed great feature tomorrow (use tomorrow to gather feedback from users to improve your yesterday’s work).

We work hard but we believe that working 24/7/365 doesn't improve your overall performance. We keep balance.

We like to give, receive, and incorporate feedback. We don’t get offended—we’re a team, not a family—we use feedback to improve our own craftsmanship and to strive for excellence. We expect everyone to be open, honest, to put forward solutions and lead by example rather than just complain.

We’re still a small company, so act like it—no politics, no gossips, full transparency. We expect you to be humble and approachable—you'll be surrounded by some of the most intelligent people you've ever worked with.

We're still figuring some things out—things tend to evolve over time and sometimes change rapidly so we inspect, adapt and embrace ambiguity.

Tech Stack

Our development is ranging from hardware sensors and low level C code, through iOS and Android SDKs, to our cloud services built using Node.js and Ruby on Rails—you'll find something for yourself!

We have great benefits

Stock options

Medical coverage

Fully stocked fridge

Beautiful office space

Brand new smartphone

Flexible vacation policy


Krakusa 11
30-535 Kraków, Poland
European Union
35 E 19th St. 3rd floor
New York, NY 10003
United States