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Making Machines More Human

Company Cover Image

Exosite is a growing software company based in Minneapolis, MN that creates software products to enable remote device management for the Internet of Things.

Exosite's cloud data platform is a hosted server-based system that makes it easy for developers to connect and manage products and applications using web service APIs. Devices get a virtual profile in the cloud (a cloud device) that users and business applications can interact with anytime and anywhere.

The platform’s simple interface and Portals web dashboards makes it easy to monitor, log and analyze data from a single sensor. The Platform’s architecture and scripting interface make it powerful enough to manage fleets of product deployments.

Tying this all together is a suite of embedded software products, many of which are open-sourced, or given away for free, to help enable more embedded devices to be connected to the Exosite cloud infrastructure. Although Exosite's primary commercial platform is a web-based platform, one of Exosite's most powerful differentiators in the marketplace is their deep embedded expertise.


In addition to world-class, cloud-based technologies, Exosite is also building a world-class work environment. The Minneapolis office is located in the historic International Market Square building and fosters a creative, collaborative environment of thought leaders, designers, and makers. From social events and team-building activities to professional development and flexible work hours, Exosite employees are cultivated to thrive both personally and professionally. Exosite also has offices in Taichung, Taiwan, and Budapest, Hungary. The teams in each office are highly collaborative and provide excellent opportunities for growth at all experience levels.

We live technology. We hire people that have a drawer full of circuit boards and a following on Github. Everything we do involves some microcontrollers, some wireless, some data communications, some cloud computing, and some web design.

The Internet of Things industry is bursting right now and we feel Exosite is in a position to ride the wave. As the industry and company continue to grow, you would be able to grow along with it.

We love us some Erlang

The Exosite cloud platform was built on Erlang, and was designed for massive scale, high availability, parallel execution, and distributed time-series data. (If you haven't seen the Erlang movie yet, do yourself a favor -- you'll thank us.)

In addition to Erlang, parts of Exosite are written in Python, Lua, C, and we leverage open source technologies such as Apache Cassandra and Linux to help us achieve our goals of scaling big while achieving O(n) algorithmic complexity.

Driven by data, we are constantly on the lookout for the next bottleneck, the next scalability challenge, and the next opportunity to standardize device communications, open up access to data, and create automated tools that allow customers to build their next great connected product offering.





Internet of Things


11–50 employees






Company Benefits

  1. great medical and dental coverage
  2. free snacks
  3. office space in historic International Market Square
  4. Mac/Linux/Windows...your choice!
  5. flexible hours, support work from home
  6. competitive pay and retirement plan with match
  7. close to downtown (food trucks, walk to Target Field)
  8. lots of free parking and a bike rack in the office