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Myriad of technology roles @ F-Secure

To describe everything we do at F-Secure would take pages of text. So instead, here are a few quotes written by some of the teams working here. We hope they give you a glimpse into the sort of things we're doing right now.


"As data engineers we process data, and lots of it. We utilize AWS technologies heavily, often building serverless solutions that combine Lambda functions, Kinesis streams and S3 storage. We’re language-agnostic and will pick a language that is most suitable for the problem at hand. Often this means JavaScript (Node.js) or Python but we've also used Java and Scala. Our systems process data both in real-time and in batches using EMR and Spark. We handle both the development and operation of our solutions, typically with the help of AWS CloudWatch. Right now, our main tasks include providing data for content classification, malware classification and intrusion detection solutions."

Klas, Data Engineering Team


"Our team is in charge of designing technologies and logic to detect new threats surfacing in the wild. Right now my team is working on designing logic to detect file-less malware and attack vectors, which have been on the rise during the past year. To do this, we've collected data from compromised environments and fed it into elasticsearch. From there we performed data analytics (using tools such as Splunk and Kibana) in order to find patterns in the PowerShell command-lines seen in each attack. These patterns are now being used to drive the design of new malware detection logic."

Edil, Threat Protection Team


F-Secure is not just a software house. We employ plenty of experts in areas such as data science, malware analysis, reverse engineering, penetration testing, software security, incident response and forensics, red teaming, risk management, hardware vulnerability testing, and a whole lot more.

Folks who work at F-Secure often switch roles, learn new disciplines, and work with stuff that most people don't see in regular tech jobs (or any jobs, for that matter). If you're interested in cyber security and the idea of gaining highly sought-after skills and experience in a rapidly growing industry where there are currently more than two jobs for every experienced individual (and that number is growing every year), take a look at our open positions.

Our Tech Stack

F-Secure is a company that produces cyber security hardware, software, and services for both end-users and businesses. Although we don't just develop software, we do have a few hundred coders working on dozens of projects. Here's a brief rundown of just some of those projects.

On the software side, we develop a variety of security products, including anti-virus, password management, and VPN clients on desktop and mobile platforms. We also have teams working on malware and breach detection technologies, intrusion prevention systems, and vulnerability assessment tools. We do everything from GUI coding to low-level kernel driver development.

Examples of back end systems we're developing include automated sample import and storage systems, threat intelligence services, automated malware analysis systems (using virtualization platforms such as VMWare and KVM), web crawlers, social media and other OSINT analysis tools, a global honeypot network, VPN services, and breach detection automation. Most of our back end systems run on AWS, and utilize common services associated with that platform.

Python, C++, Windows, and Linux are the most common languages and platforms used at F-Secure, but we also have products that run on MacOS, iOS, Android, and custom hardware, and amongst the dozens of technologies and systems we are currently building, you'll find code written in C#, Java, JavaScript, Lua, and bunch of other languages. Because of the wide array of technologies, languages, tools, and platforms employed by F-Secure, we're often looking for engineers with a variety of different skills and backgrounds to join us.



Job Openings

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F-Secure - Helsingfors, Finland
€50k - 65k Visa sponsor Paid relocation

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F-Secure - Helsingfors, Finland
€50k - 65k Visa sponsor Paid relocation

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F-Secure - Helsingfors, Finland
€50k - 65k

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F-Secure - Helsingfors, Finland
€50k - 65k Visa sponsor Paid relocation

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F-Secure - Helsingfors, Finland
€45k - 65k
Company Website Cybersecurity, IT Security, Security Software 1k-5k people Founded 1988 Public


Company Benefits

  1. Over 1.600 colleagues all over the world with over 40 nationalities
  2. Possibility to protect people and companies from digital threats
  3. Getting to work with best cyber security professionals in the industry
  4. Budget for training and conferences
  5. Open, relaxed and fun working environment
  6. Work with latest technologies
  7. Multicultural environment with over 30 nationalities only in our HQ
  8. Flexible work and holidays
  9. Yearly bonus and other incentives
  10. Wellness and fitness support