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Interactive Stories Are Awesome

The greatest stories of our generation have all been passive and that's about to change.  Technology has made just about every aspect of our lives more interactive and we believe storytelling is ripe for change.  We think it's time interactive stories moved beyond dragons & princesses for teenage boys.

FableLabs builds NOTHING but awesome story-driven games for the tablet and web. Our team of creatives and technologists from BioWare, Maxis, LucasArts, Meteor, Natural Motion, and Disney have built and scaled products with millions of users and we've recently closed on fundraising to scale our team. We take the best storytelling elements of adventure / role playing games but make the gameplay accessible, free-to-play and fun for those who don’t have 8 hour blocks of time to hack and slash through dungeons.

Empower Legions of Interactive Storytellers

We think the AAA studio model is fundamentally broken and have seen too many talented artists and writers buried on massive projects or looking for work at no fault of their own. We're working on content authoring tools that can empower tiny teams of storytellers. Creatives should be able to concept, implement, and test storylines far more rapidly than they can today. By placing these tools in the hands of our talented creatives, we’re able to create a huge ecosystem of stories worth telling. We're looking for folks that thrive when given significant responsibility, an atmosphere that stresses continuous learning and a touch of chaos as we explore uncharted territory.

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