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Factual, Inc.


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Why work at Factual?

Our mission is to make data accessible to every developer, entrepreneur, business, or organization - anyone who needs data to build a better app, provide a better search result, make smarter software - anyone who needs data to make a better decision or help others make better decisions.


  • WE ARE OWNERS: Think, act, and plan with the mindset of a real owner.
  • WE ARE ANALYTICAL: Think critically, collect and follow the data.
  • WE ARE TRANSPARENT: We believe that making data accessible, both internally and externally, results in better outcomes.
  • WE ARE GRACIOUS: There is value in working with nice people.
  • WE ARE INCLUSIVE: If we wanted identical employees, we would employ robots.



At Factual, we pride ourselves on applying the right tools to the right tasks. Consequently, we use a wide variety of technologies ranging from those that are well established to some that are new and cutting edge.

Company Website Location Based Services 51-200 people Founded 2007 VC Funded

Company Benefits

  1. Flexible PTO
  2. Fitness perks
  3. Health & retirement
  4. Eats & treats
  5. Flexible schedule
  6. Monthly company outings
  7. Your choice of shiny computer + multiple monitors.
  8. Like standing desks? We can get you one.