Revolutionizing the construction industry with technology.

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What is Falkbuilt?

Falkbuilt will manufacture engineered materials for construction. We have 90,000 sq ft factory in Calgary that is currently being filled with manufacturing equipment (see the photo).

Our developers are part of a team that will build a software platform that Falkbuilt needs to succeed. It is centered around a model of the space. Not just a visual representation but the model is an actual representation of what is needed to make the space a reality… down to the last screw. This starts at the design phase when the model is built, it is leveraged during the sales phase for visualization, leveraged again for the manufacturing phase, yet again for the construction phase, and also in the after-sale support phase.

The model will exist in the cloud and will power multiple front-end views like standard 2D and 3D but also AR and VR and even the mundane parts list and price list.

What is really important to realize is that Falkbuilt is just a single product module that sits on this platform. There are literally hundreds of manufacturers that need this solution. So although Falkbuilt is our first and most important customer, this solution has great potential beyond Falkbuilt.


Our Tech Stack

The details of our tech stack are yet to be determined. Be part of an exciting project where you get to have significant influence on the tools you use.

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Falkbuilt - Calgary, AB, Canada
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Company Website Cloud Computing, Construction, Design 51–200 people Founded 2019 Private


Company Benefits

  1. Work remotely from the comfort of your own home
  2. No commute
  3. Revolutionize one of the world's biggest and most important industries
  4. Video game technologies
  5. Generous employee benefit programs in Canada & US.