feature[23] is a business technology product development + platform engineering firm
  • Computer Software, Data & Analytics, Design
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2008

About feature[23]

feature[23] is a business technology product development + platform engineering firm delivering software-enabled business impact.

We help transform modern businesses at scale by accelerating strategic business outcomes through web, mobile, cloud, big data, analytics, IoT and desktop. Enterprise-grade for scale, performance and longevity. We work with startups, mid market and enterprise clients to reimagine business models, automate and digitize operations, drive fact-based decisions, engage customers, and redesign experiences to maximize core assets. Our passion to partner and deeply understand our client's businesses, produce the highest quality work, and develop relationships built on trust, respect, and collaboration has earned us our reputation.

+ We offer experienced professionals who focus intently on the specific needs of your growing business, providing business ideation, customer experience and interface consulting, data analytics, and innovation services.

+ We design, develop, and deliver exceptional products and platforms that generate real-world results as a source of speed and continuous improvement for more agile, adaptive and profitable businesses.

+ We partner with clients to embrace the digital economy and build measurable software capabilities to sustain breakthrough innovation.


Software Governance™, Business Consulting, Technology Strategy, Software Strategy, Product Innovation, Product + Service Design, Experience + Interaction Design, Platform Engineering, Data Strategy, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, BI, CloudMachine Learning, BI, Cloud

Why join us?

feature[23] is extremely proud to be recognized as a Northeast Florida Best Places to Work — 5 years in a row!

Our business savvy, creativity, and technology know-how aren’t all that set us apart; it's also how we’re built. feature[23] fosters a culture of intellectual stimulation for our employees.

Our techniques, methods, and tools must constantly be evolving. Finding passionate people who understand this, and have the talent necessary to push boundaries has always been a top priority. We are your catalyst for success in this regard: we focus on building the best software engineers, technologists, business strategists, and product designers on the planet.

Our core values creating the best workplace on earth are not placed in shiny frames and hung around the office.  They're ingrained in everything we do. 

These are just a few of the activities where our culture integrates with your specific (and growing) needs:

  • EXPERIENCE. We invest as we build and learn. Tools, frameworks, products, whatever it takes. We place emphasis on building trust, surmounting challenges, sharing, teams, and respecting family first.

  • RESEARCH + DEVELOPMENT.  There's more than coding than code. We teach, learn, and solve problems with each other. We read up on our craft, share knowledge, and gain real experience through research and prototypes. It's not uncommon for book clubs, presentations, and science projects brewing around the office.

  • EXPERIMENTS. We break things, and build better ones. Always refining in professional and practical application through experiments and open source contributions in a relentless pursuit of software engineering excellence.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for REAL engineers — product and platform innovators, technologists, analysts and pioneers.  Folks that know how, or want to learn how, to apply their programming craftsmanship to real world problems in an effort to create business value.

Software engineers...

  • Love the challenge of being polyglots. They love the idea of researching new concepts, tools, frameworks and paradigms; and subsequently, doing something REAL with that new knowledge.

  • Understand the importance of discipline, follow through, and getting the job done. For many, it’s what they think about in the shower, at breakfast, or while watching their spouse’s lips move in a conversation. Okay, that last one might just be a little overboard. :)

  • Accept that being in this business of software, means that they’ll spend a great deal of the rest of their lives chasing a shifting foundation, all while trying to re-invent today, with what we know might be possible tomorrow.

Oh, and we don’t care how much experience you have.  We’re looking for everything from interns to Jon Skeet.  Yes, that includes Jon.  If you’re looking Jon, we have a spot for you.  This includes managers, directors, executives, and experienced product business specialists.

IMPORTANT: If you’re not a real software engineer, or serious IT leader, and the description above sounded a “little too much like work”, please don’t waste your time or ours.  We truly look for passion — those who really, really love getting to do this every day, want to join a proper software culture and improve our client's businesses — and we don't consider anything else. 

We have great benefits

free beverages and great coffee (beer is allowed in the fridge)

work time is flexible

downtown St Augustine, Florida

working afternoons at the bar or cigar room

focus on being a learning organization

health and dental plans

easy vacation policy with PTO

work with top tech people

Who you'll work with

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208 N. Laura St, 10th Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32202