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What’s our story?

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We are a growing Software Development Organisation listed in the Forbes Top 100 Private Cloud Companies. We build world class Business Software Services using the Salesforce Lightning Platform and Heroku, the undisputed #1 international CRM platform.

We would also offer relocation assistance for those wishing to move to Harrogate or surrounding areas.

Some of our benefits include:

  • 25 days holiday which increases by 1 day for each year of service (up to 30 days)
  • Free healthcare, life assurance and income protection
  • Pension scheme with up to 8% contribution from the company
  • Latest Apple Technology
  • 3 VTO Days per year ' Volunteering Time Off'
  • Fresh fruit delivered daily as well as other snacks and drinks
  • Free classes at the local gym
  • Free on-site parking
  • 2 yearly parties

Headquartered in San Francisco, our largest R&D team can be found in the rather scenic location of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Just a short commute from Leeds and York, Harrogate was voted the UK’s happiest town three years in a row! Home of many a tearoom and featuring the unique turkish baths, who would expect to find such an international and high tech cloud development team nestling in this beautiful spa town?

At FinancialForce we build our products on the Salesforce Lightning Platform with extensive use of client-side JavaScript to deliver rich Single-Page Applications. Salesforce has recently introduced Lightning Web Components which has allowed us now to adopt JavaScript-powered Web Components standards. We also run some of our own Node.js services on the Salesforce Heroku Platform.

If you love software development and have experience in an Object Oriented language such as C++, C# .Net or Java, then it is highly likely we would like to chat with you.

Our CEO is awesome

Tod Nielsen is the President and CEO of FinancialForce. Formerly the Executive Vice President of Platform at Salesforce, Tod joined FinancialForce in January 2017, bringing his deep understanding of cloud platforms and extensive experience taking technology companies beyond the billion dollar revenue mark.


A Day in the Life of a FinancialForce Developer!

Hi, my name is Steven and I’ve been a software engineer at FinancialForce for almost 4 years now (wow doesn’t time fly!) and I’m about to tell you what a typical day at the office is like.

 For us the day starts with our stand-up, but for me it really starts with a cup of tea (we are in Yorkshire after all) and something from the healthy fridge. Our team stands up and discusses what we did the day before and what we will achieve today. Today I’ll be working in my favourite area of the product, the UI, nothing beats a wee bit of Javascript!

At FinancialForce we build our applications on the Salesforce cloud platform. Salesforce is an interesting cloud which allows users to create apps with clicks not code, but of course if you can code then you can make even better apps. Salesforce is accessed through a web browser so we get to use web technologies to create our UIs and a Java-like language called Apex to implement the “back-end” which will do the actual heavy lifting on the server.

We get a lot of freedom to choose how we prefer to work, from choosing our text editor (some people even still use vi!) to following TDD practices and even pair programming. Today I’ll be pair programming with Ivaylo who has recently joined the company. Pair programming is a great way to teach newcomers about the technologies that we use and how we use them. We gather round my computer or his, I prefer his as he uses a better IDE which deploys code to Salesforce much faster, usually a deploy for me means time for another cup of tea. Pair programming in Javascript is brilliant, especially for those Wat moments where you both look at each other and just laugh, if you’ve never seen Destroy All Software’s Wat video I suggest you google it.

We work on the UI together making small incremental changes and refreshing the page over and over till we’ve got what we want. Soon we’ll have this work finished and ready for a design review. In a design review the team all gather round one of our monitors with a UX designer to watch us demonstrate what we’ve done and how a user would interact with the new feature, this gives people in the team a chance to suggest improvements which helps us create software that is easy and satisfying for our customers to use. Once it’s finished it will go up for code review where our implementation will be reviewed by a few other developers who suggest improvements and spot mistakes or potential bugs. Code reviews are a great way to share technical knowledge and improve code quality. Our work will get reviewed yet again at the end of the sprint when we show it off to the rest of the company in a quick demonstration in a sprint review.

 The Harrogate office, is close proximity to the Yorkshire Dales which is great. Within 10 minutes I’m wandering around a Victorian reservoir seemingly in the middle of nowhere, a great way to get away from the computer. I also occasionally like to bring in my camera and try get some good shots, we get free access to Harlow Carr (a nearby garden centre) which is great for that. There are also free gym classes provided by the company at the nearby gym every Tuesday and Thursday, I used to like going to them but the laziness has since got the better of me, note to self: must return to the gym!

At FinancialForce we’ve got a great culture around helping people and learning. I love how everyone is happy to help you with any problem here, we use a lot of different technologies and it can be hard to remember everything yourself. In our product alone we will write Apex, VisualForce (Salesforce’s own HTML-like language), Javascript, Ruby, Bash scripts and Ant build targets. This might sound like a lot to take on but really it means you get to do a variety of things and keeps the job from becoming boring. Not only that but Salesforce updates their cloud service multiple times a year giving us new features and technologies to learn about and play with.



Job Openings

Okay, you won’t see this job anymore. Undo - Harrogate, UK
Paid relocation

Okay, you won’t see this job anymore. Undo - Harrogate, UK
Paid relocation

Okay, you won’t see this job anymore. Undo - Granada, Spain
Paid relocation

Okay, you won’t see this job anymore. Undo - Harrogate, UK
Paid relocation

Okay, you won’t see this job anymore. Undo - Harrogate, UK
Paid relocation



Agile Software Development, Cloud-Based Solutions, Computer Software


501–1k employees







Company Benefits

  1. Competitive benefits and compensation
  2. 25 Days PTO per year
  3. 3 VTO Days per year ' Volunteering Time Off'
  4. Pension
  5. Employee discount schemes
  6. Private Medical Insurance, Health Cash Plan & Critical Illness
  7. Latest Apple Technology
  8. Fresh fruit delivered daily
  9. Free vending machine
  10. 3 Free gym classes a week