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Provide our clients with the most flexible, secure, and productive market research environment in the world.

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Great teams in Fresno, Portland and NYC

FocusVision’s two main software teams are in Portland, OR and Fresno, CA.   Both are fantastic laid back offices in good locations.  The team is a mix of developer styles and backgrounds, but we find that a good thing. We tend to have teams of 4-6 developers per project and PM, with a mix of agile, pairing and solo hero work. We do demo days every other Friday, and give each other a chance to appreciate our successes and amazing lack of failures (OK, some).  Both offices are in urban centers, so going out to lunch and mixing with peers keeps it fun.  The skill levels in the team range from junior to senior, with opportunities for developers to learn new languages.

Our Tech Stack

FocusVision was founded in 1992, so we have a diverse mix of technologies dedicated to formal market research by major agencies and Fortune 500 clients. Our products include digital survey platforms as well as video conferencing systems. We are embarking on several large projects that are creating new tech stacks from the ground up, using Ember, React, Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby and Python. We also have some legacy systems that rely on .Net and C# development.

Job Openings

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FocusVision Worldwide - Stamford, CT

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Company Website Market Research, Video Streaming 201-500 people Founded 1992 Private


Company Benefits

  1. Paid Parental Leave
  2. Casual Work Environment
  3. Family Friendly
  4. Dental, Vision, 401k, etc.
  5. In Office Games: Xbox, Wii, Foosball, Ping Pong, Darts, etc.
  6. In Office Snacks
  7. Bonus Program
  8. Employee of the Month Program
  9. Work Anniversary Awards