Scalable, fault tolerant, perfectly consistent data storage for everyone.
  • 11-50 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2009

An Exceptional Team Solving Huge Problems

Up until just a few months ago, the most common reaction we got when describing FoundationDB to engineers was "That's not possible." We sympathize – when we first set out to build a highly scalable, fault tolerant, perfectly consistent distributed database we weren't sure it would be possible either. After three and a half years of work with an exceptional team of engineers we have a product that impresses every organization that puts it through its paces.

We believe that we've built the foundation (pun intended) of the platform that will become the standard data storage technology for modern distributed systems.

We have an amazing technological head start, but there's a lot more to accomplish as we try to make our vision a reality.

Constant Challenges. Great Rewards.

Working at FoundationDB means being a part of a close knit team of exceptional engineers. We're working on problems so difficult that a culture of intellectual humility and strong collaboration are the only hope for solving them.

If you're a top performer who's tired of always feeling like the smartest person in the room and wants to be challenged by and grow with your coworkers, you should reach out to us. We have a really wonderful group here.

Our technology is years ahead of our competition and excitement around our product continues to grow. We're well capitalized and situated to radically change one of the biggest industries in the world of technology. It's going to be a fun ride.

We Use Great Tools. We Build Lots of Our Own.

When we set out to build our database, we knew we'd need the performance of a language like C++ with the elegant concurrency of Erlang. After evaluating our options, we created Flow, a new programming language that brings actor-based concurrency to C++11. Most of our stack is written with Flow, which gives us many great benefits, including the ability to run thousands of fully deterministic simulation test runs per night – providing us with extremely high levels of confidence in the correctness of our database code.

Flow is just one example of the tools we've built at FoundationDB. We've also built extensive simulation testing tools, physical clusters of machines controlled by code to do real-world fault tolerance testing, and custom-built performance analysis and diagnostic tools. We had lots of fun building these tools, and they've made our development efforts much more efficient. There will certainly be new tools built in the future.

We're not just building a database, we're building an ecosystem. Our engineers tend to work up and down the stack, use multiple languages, and many different tools as we expand the potential user base by supporting new platforms and technologies.

We have great benefits

100% Covered Health, Dental, Vision, Disability Insurance

Generous & Flexible Time-Off Policy

Snacks and Drinks Provided

Fun Team of Exceptional Engineers

Free Parking, Access to Public Transportation

Choice of Workstation & Peripherals

Open, Collaborative Office Space

Competitive Pay, Generous Equity


8245 Boone Blvd., Suite 340
Vienna, VA 22182
614 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 201
Cambridge, MA 02139