Gaggle is a company that hires exceptional people and lets them do their job.

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Gaggle's Developers Solve Important Problems

Gaggle knows that our success is created by hiring exceptional people and letting them do their job.  At Gaggle, we work alongside genuinely caring people, and we feel respected.  We listen to and collaborate with one another. We know that our ideas are heard.  At Gaggle, we are passionate about making a difference in K-12 education by creating and safe online teaching and learning environment.  

As a developer with Gaggle, you will

  • Work on meaningful projects where the code gets deployed
  • Work on interesting, complex problems that require solutions that hold up under high traffic volumes.
  • Have the ability to work from home with flexible hours.
  • Work with other really smart developers who would rather code than hold meetings.


Who is Gaggle?

Gaggle.Net is a provider of communication and collaboration tools for students at K-12 schools throughout the USA and Canada. The system provides a number of unique safety features so that schools can monitor and maintain the accounts for students. Gaggle was founded in 1999. The company is profitable growing at about 30% annually. We are not venture capital funded, and thus we do what’s best for our customers and employees.

First and foremost, you need to be a Java expert. You should also have an excellent understanding of the following technologies, or be able to learn those you’re unfamiliar with VERY quickly: Struts, Hibernate, Eclipse, standard mail protocols, HTML5 and JavaScript.

Company Website Education 51-200 people Founded 1999 Private

Company Benefits

  1. Develop solutions that make a difference in children's lives
  2. Flexible Hours
  3. 100% telecommute position, work from home