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Make better decisions where location matters

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We want to hear from you if you’re passionate about spatial information and determined to combine our modelling with the best web applications to produce stunning results for our customers. We want to work on innovative and exciting projects and need people who will help us to push the envelope.

Investing in stores, online platforms and click and collect networks is costly. We’ll help you spend your money wisely. We have over 50 years of experience working at some of the largest retailers and understand the likely challenges you will face.

Since the day GEOLYTIX came into being, we have been telling our customers where to go! More formally we solve business problems where location is critical. For example where to open stores, what to sell in them, and how to optimise home delivery and click & collect operations.

Our industry is evolving rapidly as the linked and mobile web drives location into the business mainstream. At GeoLytix we build close, mutually beneficial, on-going relationships. We are ‘trusted advisors’ and have yet to lose a customer.

When we ask for business, the people who will deliver the business do the asking. We quickly and efficiently deliver innovative solutions, enabling profit-maximising multi-channel networks. Our solutions are a combination of data, algorithms and software. We rely on ‘open data’, charging for value-add analysis, and for access to some of our own novel data sets. We publish some of our own data as open data because we believe open data drives huge social and economic benefits.

We are currently producing some pretty clever models on a relational database backend and aim to offer access via a range of web services. In 2016 we will expand our technology stack with non-rel databases and need your knowledge with either hadoop or neo-4j.





Consulting, Data Analysis, GIS


1–10 employees






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Company Benefits

  1. Be the lead on exciting projects
  2. Flexible hours
  3. Kings Cross office
  4. We are passionate about open source
  5. We work with fascinating clients across retail, property and leisure
  6. Weekly team lunches
  7. Family friendly
  8. Dynamic startup mentality
  9. Triple screens!