Find, try and share recipes, to your personal taste
  • 1-10 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 1996

Taking a bite out of multiple food sectors

We couldn't find a user-centric recipe site, so we made one.

We couldn't find a good source of recipes, with which to populate our recipe site, so we developed a solution which made food bloggers WANT to add their recipes to it.

We saw that recruitment methods in the the catering and hospitality industry were poor, so we decided to change it by creating a job board with full end to end management.

We're making positive changes in multiple food sectors. Have you got the apetite to join us?

We are home grown


  • Work from home - haven't got an office
  • Are geeks (and we play computer games)
  • Take real pride in our work
  • Do things the right way
  • Develop solutions that are user-centric, simple to use and powerful behind the scenes.

Here are some things we use...

We currently have:

  • Website
  • WordPress plugin

We make use of cloud environemnts/technologies and open technologies.

In the future we want to make mobile apps, Windows apps, etc.

Our philosophy is to make the user experience simple, yet powerful; by providing the user with intuitive interfaces where all of the complex processesing is done behind the scenes. The less decision making the users have to do in order to get rich, personalised information, the better.

We have great benefits

Flexible working time

Work from home

Who you'll work with

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Milton Keynes