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Based in Redwood City, CA we are one of the most exciting start-up companies to hit the news. We are a well-funded social network company with a unique idea targeted towards the world of soccer / football worldwide.

Who we are

GoldCleats is an online communication and recruitment platform equipped with tools that allow soccer players to interact with their teammates, teams, scouts, agents, and coaches.

GoldCleats is neither an agent nor a scout and does not represent any team or player. GoldCleats simply facilitates interaction between multiple stakeholders within the international soccer community.

Our objective is to help overcome the problem of time, cost and opportunity associated with player identification and recruitment. Our objective also is to increase the exposure of players while simultaneously decreasing the cost and time incurred by teams when scouting players.

Our tech stack

We have great benefits

Competitive compensation

Opportunity to get around (Europe, UAE, India)

Good office and equipment

All the high quality tools you need

Challenges and career opportunities

Coffee! (and other fancy food from foreign countries)

Good mood, no senseless hierarchy, open discussions


Gold Cleats Global Inc.

370 Convention Way
Redwood City, CA 94063
1025 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036
Gold Cleats LLC

Abu Dhabi, P. O. Box 107078
United Arab Emirates