We create software integrations that move data. Our job is to ensure that our customer’s data “goes inta” all the systems that it should.

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Gozynta is a profitable, 100% remote, one year old startup. Our primary customer base is the IT MSP industry. We build integrations that move data between larger software packages as well as better communication tools for help desk ticketing systems. We understand that all software sucks, even ours. Our mission is to make it suck a little less each and every day.

We’re still a very small company. You would be joining our 1.5 person development team (feel bad for the half-person? he’s ok, he’s just split between development and being the Founder/CEO).

As a small team, we haven’t differentiated our developer roles yet. Instead, we’ll work together as a team to improve our entire application stack, and we’ll discover the best individual roles for each of us based on where we each end up thriving.

Some of the things we care about:

  • Ethics

Bill and Ted said it best:  “Be excellent to each other”.  We strive to follow this philosophy in all our interactions with each other, customers, vendors, the wider world, and even competitors.

  • Experimentation

We must never stop learning and growing.  The best way to learn is to try things. “Move fast and break things” is too cavalier a motto for a company that other businesses trust with business critical services or data, but we must try new things and continue to grow and improve.

  • Excellence

We must do work that we’re proud of, and always strive to do better, period.  This requires constant effort.

  • Empathy

To build the best products and provide the best service for our customers, we need to really understand them.  This requires enough empathy to see things from their point of view. Empathy will also have better relationships with each other and with the larger business community, and these relationships will then fuel our success.

These all feed into our motto:  “We understand that all software sucks, even ours.  Our mission is to make it suck a little less each and every day.”

Tech Stack

All of our products pre-date the founding of our company in 2018.  Everything is Python/Flask based, and we’re actively working on modernizing them, including: uplifting all Python 2 code to Python 3 (new code is targeting Python 3.7 and newer), migrating to a container based architecture, and improving test coverage and automated testing in general.  We're expecting to complete a large modernization project for our largest product within the next few months, but also understand that this will require regular work to maintain.





B2B, Information Technology, Professional Service Automation


1–10 employees






Company Benefits

  1. Fully distributed/remote team (US based only, please)
  2. Great medical, dental, and vision options and coverage
  3. Up to date System76 Linux workstation plus equipment budget
  4. Competitive paid time off policy
  5. Health/Dependent care Flexible Spending Account
  6. Employee Assistance Program
  7. 401k (up to 4% match)
  8. Basic life/accident insurance
  9. Inclusive company culture, a team where every voice is important