GPS Industries

It's the Apple on the Cake!
  • 51-200 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2009

Working in Paradise

The Work: cutting edge technology applied to broad spectrum of of software development, from embedded systems to mobile devices to web applications to server-side service layers, business logic, and database management.  

The Product: Visage is high tech applied to golf, how great is that?  Field testing takes on a new meaning when "field" means "resort-style golf course."

The Place: Sarasota Florida, where we have best beaches in the world, a vibrant cultural community, great restaurants, parks, music, museums - we're living in paradise!

Club Car

Our exclusive sales and marketing partner, Club Car, has a well deserved reputation for building the highest quality golf and utility vehicles in the world.  Visit to see their presentation of the Visage product.

Under the Hood

Because we develop and support the entire ecosystem, from mobile full color touchscreens to clubhouse control centers to server infrastructure, we employ a wide variety of current and evolving technologies

We have great benefits

Flexible work hours

Cutting edge technology

Satisfying work environment

Excellent comp packages

World's best beaches!

Fantastic restaurants

Close to theme parks and major sports venues

Excellent health care

Great schools


1074 N Orange Ave
Sarasota, FL 34236