A Technology startup that provides Proprietary ML/AI Products, and External Recruitment across Quantitative & Algorithmic trading firms.

About GuardX

Guardx is a fast-growing startup that provides Proprietary Big Data Analytics, Cyber and Machine Learning Products along with External Recruitment Solutions and Consulting Services.

Since inception, the organization has earned a strong reputation in the industry for excellence in service. “Empowering Talent & Analytics” is our ethos.

Our sourcing model

We have a unique model where we do the following checks before submitting candidates: 

Preliminary Screen -> Coding exercise-HackerRank -> Technical Screen by one of our Engineers -> Submission.

Candidates are assessed on core fundamentals of data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented design patterns prior to submission by our seasoned technologists on topics like asymptotic space-time complexities of algorithms; data structures including lists, trees, maps, graphs; distributed caching, concurrency, network programming, and many others.

Company Website Artificial Intelligence, Computer Software, Machine Learning 11-50 people Founded 2015 Private


Company Benefits

  1. Travel Reimbursment
  2. Competitive Salary w/ 401k Company Match
  3. Hardware of your choice
  4. Weekly Company Lunch
  5. Top Notch Health Benefits
  6. Competitive salaries
  7. Work-life balance