Hakuna Cloud

All the cloud you need, no worries!

We want to free cloud computing!

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Our mission is to reduce any barriers to the usage of Cloud Computing. We are convinced there are 2 main barriers: price and knowledge. Hakuna Cloud breaks down the price, stopping the server while it is doing nothing and starting it again when a request arrives.

We are a startup, so we are a small company full of smart people. Any member of our team has the opportunity to participate in our growth and make the difference.

Working at Hakuna Cloud is fun and that's because is one of our values. We strongly believe that we can do our best only while having fun.


Tommaso Doninelli, CEO and co-founder, is an ex-amazon engineer, with 15 years of experience in the IT Industry and as CTO in successful startups;

Giorgio Catenacci, CTO and co-founder, got 5 years of experience as a cloud solution architect and full-stack developer;

Carlo Loffredo, Junior Developer; is a recently graduated software engineer in Computer Science at the University of Roma Tre.

Our Tech Stack

Our infrastructure is entirely hosted on AWS and is completely built following principles of IaC (infrastructure as a code). Any piece of our infrastructure is described and created starting from a CloudFormation YAML file using a tool we developed: CFTPL

Our code is developed starting from a scratch automatically generated from yeoman generators we developed internally. Our code is deployed in production following a full CI/CD pipeline using bitbucket/AWS pipelines and dev tools we have developed like turbodeploy

Job Openings

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Hakuna Cloud - Roma, Italy
€28k - 35k On-site and limited remote



Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Cloud-Based Solutions


1–10 employees




VC Funded


Company Benefits

  1. Remote working
  2. Work with cutting edge technologies
  3. Opportunity to work with and learn from senior developers
  4. Flexible working hours
  5. Work on a full cloud-based stack
  6. DevOps culture