Work on Life -- Not Your Inbox!
  • 11-50 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2012

Our Mission -- From Inbox to Action

Handle is an app that better utilizes the world's most precious resource -- your time.

Our product is designed to make you more productive by simplifying the conversion of emails into actionable tasks. This is accomplished by seamlessly connecting your three of your most important workflows: (1) inbox filtering, (2) task management and (3) the setup of reminders.

The Handle platform combines the most effective elements of human decision making skill with the efficiency of modern computer science to help you focus on what is most important in your life!

The Handle Team

  • We're a dynamic, bold, fast-paced team on a mission to make a big splash.
  • We are focused on using technology to make the lives of our customers a little bit better.
  • We aim big, and you will be able to do so as well.
  • We are solving a problem that impacts the lives of millions of people everyday.
  • You will work with talented colleagues with a diverse set of experiences.
  • We're friendly and like a good laugh. 

Desktop App Stack:

Desktop App Stack:

We are big on open source, starting with Ruby On Rails for our REST backend, consumed by both our web and iOS apps. The web app client is written in HAML, SASS, and CoffeeScript. Our single-page application (SPA) also leverages jQuery and Knockout's MVVM pattern. We have background processes written using EventMachine and Resque. Data is stored in PostgreSQL and Amazon S3. We strongly encourage tests, using BDD and RSpec. CoffeeScript tests are written in Jasmine and integration tests are written in Capybara.

We have great benefits

Great Benefits - Health Care, Conferences, Shiny Hardware

Inspiring Location - Our HQ is nestled in the heart of the SF tech scene

Amazing Food - You decide what's for lunch -- you'll never go hungry

Powerful Contacts - Work with professionals & leaders of industry

Who you'll work with

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500 3rd Street #235
San Francisco, CA 94109