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Haven Connect is transforming affordable housing for low income applicants by giving them tools to increase their chances of getting housing

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Our Team

Our CEO has deep expertise in the affordable housing domain as she worked as a social worker helping clients find and apply for housing. This gives us a large competitive advantage over other startups trying to disrupt this underserved industry. She understands how tech debt works, the cost of racking it up, and allocates time for refactoring to pay it down.

Our product manger is great about testing ideas with users before coding and involving engineering early on in the process so the entire team can contribute to the tradeoffs that always come up. We don't believe in throwing things over the wall.

The engineering team is currently being built out but we're hiring talented folks who are passionate about hacking on the affordable housing crisis and are passionate about building scalable software. Writing maintainable code that scales with a growing team is a big priority. Writing working code tends to be the easy part... maintaining it and making things easy to change later is often the hardest part.

We are currently pair programming when we can to help transfer knowledge and to improve code quality. The cadence of pairing will depend on what the team and what they think is helpful. We have an agile process that tries to be just enough to give us structure but not so much that it slows us down.

Our Tech Stack

Haven Connect has a single page React app that is used by our customers (property managers) and our end users (low income folks finding housing), please see video at bottom for a preview. We tend to use functional programming styles where it makes sense, store global state in React Context, local component state, and lean on Apollo Client to handle state from API data. New modules are written in TypeScript and we are actively working to migrate prop/flow types to TS as it makes sense.

This application is supported by our backend written in Elixir that exposes a GraphQL API and handles the waitlist automation. Any experience with OTP/BEAM is gladly welcomed as we scale the platform. We also have CPU intensive tasks like PDF generation offloaded onto AWS Lambda.

We're currently running on Heroku for ease of dev-ops but any experience with deploying and maintaining the platform on AWS would be appreciated.


Job Openings

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Company Website Affordable Housing, Real Estate, Web Technology 1-10 people Founded 2016 VC Funded


Company Benefits

  1. Impact thousands of folks finding housing
  2. Medical/Dental/Vision
  3. Pet friendly office (Techstars Office)
  4. Access to Techstars mentors and companies in the office
  5. Involvement in product decisions (early on)
  6. Macbook Pro laptop
  7. Ultrawide or 4K monitor