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We're a pretty small team doing some pretty big things. When it's full, the office has 23 people in it. That includes 7 developers and 4 data scientists.

Life in the engineering team is fast-paced, but not hectic. We don't do crunch time. The developers you'll be working with are all laid back and work together really well as a team. No "bro-grammers" here.

The engineering team is made up of both frontend and backend engineers. We tend to form loose feature teams each iteration, so everyone gets a chance to work with different people and on different areas of the app.

We lean towards pairing in preference to code review, as we believe it fosters deeper understanding. That said, we do delegate QA reviews to developers who weren't directly involved in development of the feature under test, to ensure the feature we're delivering really fulfils the user stories.

We're big fans of automated testing, though we don't slavishly pursue 100% code coverage. We think that unit tests are great, but also invest in integration tests as well.

Finally, we respect work-life balance. You'll be evaluated based on the work you do in our code-base. If you want to go to meetups and maintain open-source software, you'll be in good company, but it's not expected. We all have hobbies - for some of us it's software, but for others it's cycling, or music, or streaming video games. In a similar vein, we understand what it's like to be a parent, so if that's you, we can have a grown up conversation about balancing your commitments. 

Our Tech Stack

Our app is formed of three parts:

  1. React Native mobile app
  2. .Net Core API hosted in Azure
  3. Collection of Azure Functions running .Net Core

Additionally, we run some infrastructure for our data science team in Azure (e.g. Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks).

Whilst we don't follow fads, we do believe there's value in exploring new options as they present themselves. Developers are encouraged to try new things and share their findings with the team.

We also believe in data-driven development, so we invest heavily in telemetry and monitoring. As well as Azure Application Insights, we use Segment and Mixpanel for behavioural data, and Sentry for frontend exceptions.

Job Openings

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HeadUp Labs - Prahran, Australia
A$45k - 55k

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HeadUp Labs - Prahran, Australia
A$80k - 100k



Data Science, Health & Fitness


11–50 employees







Company Benefits

  1. Competitive salary
  2. Energetic team
  3. Great location
  4. Flexible for families
  5. Great eats nearby
  6. Work with the latest tech
  7. Electric sit/stand desks
  8. Choice of Mac or Windows laptop
  9. Wearable fitness device
  10. Gym downstairs ($)