Hothead Games

Play. Compete. Upgrade. Repeat.

Our Story

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We want to be the best. Not just in Vancouver or Canada, where we started our company in 2006. We want to make the best shooter and sports game experiences on mobile. Period.

We create the concepts, develop the games, and publish them, providing our players an entertaining experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want to lead the way with our destiny in our hands.

Welcome to our world!

Our Stack

We are fans of open source and strive to use the best tool given the situation.  We have to scale both up and down very rapidly so we love the elasticity of virtualization and the cloud.  Most of our production infrastructure is AWS, with a lot of the backend written in Python.  Other languages include Go, Objective-C, Java, C++ and C#.  Source repos are Perforce and git.  Continuous integration including building and testing is coordinated by Jenkins.  Config management is mostly Ansible with a bit of Chef.  Our main data stores are DynamoDB, CouchDB, Redis and Redshift.  We believe in automated testing and use a variety of tools for unit tests and stress/load testing.  Monitoring is handled by Zabbix, CloudWatch, Grafana, Kibana and PagerDuty.  Things move fast here so we're always learning and trying new things.




Mobile Game


51–200 employees







Company Benefits

  1. Extended health care benefits including dental
  2. Weekly employee lunches
  3. Beer Fridays
  4. Annual golf tournament
  5. Tickets to sports events (Hockey, Soccer, Football)
  6. Fresh fruit and snacks for all employees
  7. Bright open studio space in beautiful Vancouver downtown
  8. Easy access to public transportation
  9. In-House gym