Creating Value by delivering advanced B2B & B2C IT solutions to our Customers

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CodiLime designs and develops state-of-the-art IT systems within such areas as Fraud & Security Intelligence, Risk Management, Business Analytics & Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Mobile Payments, E-commerce as well as Web & Mobile Applications. The company also carries out several R&D projects for large international corporate Clients investing in high-tech solutions involving BIG DATA, Security, Cloud Computing, OpenStack, OpenContrail, OpenFlow and SDN (Software Defined Networks).

Our Team

All of CodiLime’s software engineering team members are highly-skilled graduates of the best technical universities in Poland and many came to us having already spent some time in related professional positions. Vast majority of them have worked as software engineers and project managers in Silicon Valley, CA, in the global headquarters of such IT tycoons as Google, Facebook, NVIDIA or Microsoft (Redmond). The most experienced are trained in project management or take on software architect roles.

Whether we hire people for CodiLime in-house needs or to outsource them to our Customers, we always recruit them very carefully, looking not only for first-rate programming skills but also a passion for computing. All for the benefit of the business of our Clients around the world!

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Company Benefits

  1. flexible working hours
  2. attractive remuneration
  3. new challenges&satisfaction from hitting the targets on a daily basis
  4. positive, young and open-minded team : )
  5. relaxation in the fun room
  6. international, ambitious IT projects
  7. work in a company established by the best programmers in the world
  8. free lunches, beverages