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Hugo & Cat

Creating transformational brand experiences

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Building Future-Proof Customer Relationships

We’re a brand engagement agency creating experiences that build future-proof customer relationships for our clients.

Strategically led, creatively driven and technologically passionate, as a growing group of planners, writers, designers, coders, motion artists and more who work closely together towards one goal: delivering impactful work that has the power to transform brands.

As the technical team at Hugo & Cat, we want to deliver great products and solutions to our clients in a cost effective and timely manner, in a sustainable fashion.

Core Stack

We're very conscious of the Agile Manifesto, and have incorporated those values into our team's principles.

We rely on automation throughout our processes to provide reliable and consistent environments for our solutions, using Gulp, MSbuild, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy to ensure that our developers can focus on what they do best: building innovative solutions for our clients.


Company Website Digital Advertising, Mobile Development, Web Development 51-200 people Founded 2001 Private


Company Benefits

  1. Collaborative teams
  2. Great location
  3. Top environment
  4. Creative involvment
  5. Regular beers
  6. Team lunches
  7. Awesome offices
  8. Client facing
  9. Bike to work
  10. Contributory Pension