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Hyrde IoT B.V.

Connecting the dots

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Hyrde IoT

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What we do?

Hyrde IoT is a portfolio company of Volkerwessels Telecom. At Hyrde IoT we are dedicated to facilitate you realizing your Internet of Things solutions. With our award-winning IoT Application Development Enabling Platform we are able to connect everything with a “digital pulse’ with your preferred business and operating applications.

Working at Hyrde IoT, you are in the forefront of innovation within the rapidly growing and developing IoT industry. Whereas a lot of businesses are still talking about IoT, we have already successfully completed several IoT projects. Even better, we are nominated as one of the 25th most innovative technological organisations in the world! So to say, a market leader!

We like to enter uncharted waters, and then become very good at them. The same goes for IoT. Whereas a lot of businesses are still talking about IoT, we have already successfully completed several IoT projects. We focus on Facility Management, Smart Logistics, Smart Buildings, and we contribute to achieving Smart Cities through Data Sharing.

We are an innovative team and we never stop developing. We think out of the box and come up with creative solutions. Our IoT testing ground will offer you all the space you need to experiment, learn from your mistakes and innovate.

Hyrde Developers' Choice

  • Favourite thing about working at Hyrde? - We truly have a say in how we can develop things. Everybody can bring their own expertise from previous workspaces and implement best practises on our environment.
  • Development & Training opportunities? - Never-ending learning opportunities, and facilitated by the organization as well!
  • Career & Growth opportunities? - Because we are a startup, we have quite a lot of career opportunities. DevOps CICD pipelines, testing, API management, backend, frontend, user experience, you name it and you could develop yourself in a real expert in this field. We are growing rapidly so you can grow with us!

Hyrde's Tech Stack

Why use these tech stacks? - Because these are awesome!

Unique environment? - Our environment is unique because we need to work with 50+ different devices with different network protocols that all send telemetry and they all need to be decoded to understandable messages that our customers can act on. Our team is able to configure devices, decode messages, manage the dataflow from device to customer, develop back and frontend for multiple applications and in the meantime have a lot of fun!

Day-to-day puzzles and problems? - Managing all our devices can be a challenge if you do not know what you are doing. We pride ourselves in the fact that we created a network of applications that is able to do this very efficiently. Because our clients want more and more data our day-to-day challenge is how to grow without congestion the systems and keep track and visualize the data properly.

Conquered technical challenges? - Some customers want custom features on our platform. We are currently in the process of making an easy maintainable code base where we can build our applications on for different customers. Furthermore, we are building CICD pipelines to automatically deploy updates of our applications.






Information Technology, Internet of Things


11–50 employees




Office Locations

Company Benefits

  1. Competitive salary & performance bonuses
  2. Travel allowance
  3. 25 vacation days
  4. Laptop and phone of your choice for both business and private use
  5. Friday = TechTalk & Afternoon Drinks
  6. A dynamic and divergent international team
  7. Being in the forefront of innovation!
  8. One of the 25th most innovative tech organisations in the world!