web ideas for sale
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2008

Ideato srl is one of the leading italian companies for PHP development and systems integration.

Nurturing internal expertise Ideato is able to support customers through the whole process of building their web 2.0 ideas. Ideato’s success is grounded on the Agile Manifesto and lean processes. Ideato relies on open source software, using third-party systems tested by millions of users or creating new ones, and keeps focus on early revenues giving back to the community part of the developed innovation.

All Ideato team members are involved in italian and international communities:

  • PHP (founders of the main italian user group, international serial speakers, 4 published books, phpDay conference organisers)
  • Javascript (founders ofthe main italian user group, jsDay conference organizers)
  • Web Design and Typography (Kerning conference founder and organiser)
  • Agile (founders of local XP user groups, founders of pan-european ALE Network and Italian Agile Day organizers).

Ideato offers its support on content management issues to multinational corporations, strategical & technological consulting to start-ups, social applications building & management, training for big teams and start-ups, analytics and process management.

We have great benefits

laptop, you chose OS and brand

flexible work time

extra medical insurance

we cover up to 3 conferences year

hackin' fridays

no overtime work

flexible vacation planning

no dress code


via g. pastore 151,
cesena (fc), italy