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New drugs for unmet medical needs

Scientific Computing in Idorsia

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Idorsia Pharmaceuticals is a new innovative pharmaceutical company. Our aim is to discover new medicines for unmet medical needs. The department Scientific Computing develops tailored software for the drug discovery process. Our software tools support the work of 400 scientists in the drug discovery departments. Together with the scientists we identify their needs for new software tools that will improve the research process. 

DataWarrior is our flagship. A tool for data analysis and visualization. It is also an open source project and has now more than 20,000 users. 

Orbit is an image analysis tool and the backbone of our automated image processing in drug discovery.

Openchemlib provides cheminformatics capabilities. And gives a small glimpse what we developed for drug discovery research.




Our Tech Stack

To be platform independent we decided to go with Java. Twenty years of experience teach us that Java is the appropriate platform to create long-term solutions for our clients in our company. Additionally we heavily rely on open source software. So, we avoid dependencies to commercial software suppliers. Every technology that fits into this credo can be used to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Job Openings

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Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - Allschwil, Schweiz
CHF 100k - 150k | Equity Paid relocation



Research Pharmacy


501–1k employees




Company Benefits

  1. Our office architects are Herzog & de Meuron
  2. We contribute to open source projects
  3. Collaborations with world class scientists