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The Multiplayer Company

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Where technology meets games

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At Improbable, we’re bringing together technology and games to create new opportunities and experiences. In order to achieve this, we need unique perspectives from diverse people, empowered to revolutionise how online games are made, delivered and paid for.

We believe one of the biggest, most impactful changes to the way we live our lives is going to come from the medium of games. Realising new communities, societies and vocations through virtual worlds is what drives our people and gives them purpose.

Our Engineering Culture

We’re solving hard technical challenges to enable virtual worlds that are as meaningful, lasting and rich as the physical world. We believe our platform will revolutionise the gaming industry and bring about an important change in human interaction.

The way we work:

  • We believe engineers flourish with Autonomy over tasks, Mastery to develop their deep skills, and Purpose to ensure their work is meaningful.
  • We are proud of what we build and how we build it. We are constantly evaluating the technology and processes we use to build our systems.
  • Our earliest systems applied state-of-the-art distributed persistence into simulation backends, and we continue to pioneer this field.

Games Studios

Improbable was founded to break through the limits of contemporary online gaming. Our three internal game studios unite the leaders behind some of the most innovative video games released this decade, with the technology to build the multiplayer worlds of the future.

As part of the Improbable Games Studio, you will have an opportunity to define the next generation of deeply interactive online experiences. Help us create games that allow for new depths of simulation, destruction, and physical interaction at an unprecedented scale.

Our technology allows us to experiment with genuinely new mechanics, both big and small. We're learning new skills within a massively networked environment that we believe is the future of gaming.


The Improbable Defence division, building on the backbone of SpatialOS, has combined world class scientific modelling, market leading AI, mission specific user interfaces and a uniquely flexible and secure deployment model to create a powerful simulation platform tailored to the needs of the military.

Our mission is to enable the most realistic and effective military simulations ever experienced, making defence users more effective on operations and decreasing the cost of military preparedness.

For more information on synthetic environments visit our Defence page here


Tech at Improbable


SpatialOS is a managed networking stack, designed for real-time multiplayer games that push the boundaries of what can be achieved with traditional game engines and networking solutions. 

We provide integrations with Unreal and Unity that enable game developers to access the benefits of SpatialOS while keeping workflows they are familiar with, as well as SDKs for integrating with any game engine.

You can discover more in-depth technical information via our blog here.






Computer Games, Computer Software, Defense


501–1k employees









Company Benefits

  1. Unlimited vacation - you know how much time you need to rejuvenate
  2. Full private healthcare - employees have access to comprehensive cover
  3. Maternity and paternity - we pride ourselves on parental leave
  4. Well-being - we provide breakfast and lunch everyday and more
  5. Pension and life cover - we operate a tax-efficient group pension
  6. Dog friendly - our canine friends bring life to the office