be a great company. built by the best people possible. passionate about what we do & how we do it

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What we are

Infoplus is a growing Software as a Service (SaaS) company with offices in St. Louis. We focus on providing a disruptive value for eCommerce companies by providing the unique tools and platform that empower them to be the ultimate ruler of their inventory, order management and shipping needs.


Today we are 14 people and growing.  We have a product that is young and strong.  We have customers that love what we are doing and want more.  We have the partners, customers and investment to make it big over the next three  to four years.  What we need now is you: A talented person that wants to work at a different type of company.  A person who will love being at the table and making a difference each day.

More facts:

    Our market ranges from startups to over $100m in sales.

    We take enormous pride in being better than everyone else at what we do.

    We focus on bringing disruptive value to our clients’ businesses.

    We focus on hiring great people.

We have a single goal: be a magical company - built by the best people possible - passionate about what we do and how we do it.


How we do it

Our product runs on an Enterprise Java backend (JBoss), making heavy use of EJB, JPA, and JAX-RS. A majority of our JPA and JAX-RS code is auto-generated by a custom APT plugin - giving us a declarative framework that produces vast amounts of consistent code, without doing it all by hand. The frontend is done in HTML5 with AngularJS.

We deploy our apps to Chef-managed Red Hat Linux boxes running on AWS EC2, where we also take advantage of RDS (MySQL), SQS, SNS, SES, S3, and as many other AWS services as we can. On the development side, we are all doing local development on Mac Book Pros with Virtual Boxes running the same Chef-managed Red Hat Linux.  We are in the middle of a full conversion to ECS and Docker based images and product releases.

For development tools, we use IntelliJ IDEA for Java and HTML5 development. We use git for version control, and we’re big fans of Atlassian’s full stack of tools, including JIRA, Confluence, Bit Bucket, Source Tree, and Bamboo. We follow the Scrum methodology, with two week sprints, daily standup meetings, and a self-organized team with a singular focus on building a great product.

Company Website E-Commerce, Software Development, SaaS 11-50 people Founded 2013 Private


Company Benefits

  1. A Software Product Company
  2. Competitive Salary, 401K, Full Health, Dental, Vision
  3. Best Equipment and Tools Money Can Buy
  4. 100% Casual Environment
  5. Flexible Hours and Environment
  6. Founded by Engineers
  7. Catered Meals
  8. Open Vacation Policy