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Discipline in our core practices is fundamental to our culture.


We strive to make this an inclusive workplace for our team members to feel comfortable and safe at Integral so they can confidently apply their creativity to solve challenging problems with us.
We recognize the biases that emerge from under-representation in the technology sector and value the diversity of perspectives from our colleagues regardless of gender, race or orientation.

Feedback loops

We will continuously improve ourselves and our systems, and in order to drive our learning and support quick decision making, we will gather feedback from our peers, our customers and from the experiments that we establish.
We will talk openly with each other about differences of opinion or requests for additional information or context.
If the feedback provided is between team members, we will provide this directly to the team member before discussing it with anyone else. We will be actionable, specific and kind in the feedback we provide to each other.


We rely on data over opinion and in our data, we prioritize accuracy over precision.
When the data isn’t available or obvious, we’ll augment our learning and decision making through experiment and measurement.
We will ask for help when we need support with solving a problem, making a decision or learning something new. We will help our team members.

Bias to action

Given uncertainty, we prefer to actively try something rather than to investigate whether it’s the “best” option, and to use feedback loops and transparency to support or reject our hypothesis.

We will use good judgment to make the best decision given the information available.
We will strive to measure our progress against the decisions we make to further inform our learning and decision making.

Strong opinions, held loosely

We will form points of view about the context that surrounds our work.
These points of view will be based on our experience and the data that is available to us. We will actively seek new data and set up feedback loops as we go.
We will change these opinions based on new data or new experience, and focus on the solution rather than who was right or wrong.

Learning through experimentation

We will augment our decision making by applying an experimentation framework in order to best support our learning.
We will continue to better ourselves by constantly investing in our learning and development. We will encourage the effectiveness of our learning through establishing success criteria and an experimental mindset.

Our Tech Stack

We are looking to create a team of software practitioners who are dedicated about writing amazing code, and delivering critical products and systems.

We all have worked for companies who pass lip service to the idea of being agile, or doing test driven development. Not here! We want to challenge ourselves and our clients to deliver code that keeps on giving long after it was first written.

If you love arguing about TDD and IOC containers over a beer or cold soda; and then taking that conversation and applying to critical applications in the connected car and mobility space you will be challenged every day at Integral.

We are looking for developers with all types of experience, but you better be ready to learn, and come with a passion to make yourself and those around you better every day.

While we focus more on computer engineering fundamentals than specific tools in our hiring, we currently tend to use Spring, Swift and React in our projects. 

We practice paired programming as a discipline but not a dogma and you should be comfortable writing code with another person for 6-8 hours 5 days a week. 

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Integral - Detroit, MI
$80k - 120k | Equity Visa sponsor Paid relocation
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