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Intergram, z.s.

We are a Czech copyright collective society. We manage the rights of most of performers and producers in the territory of Czech Republic.

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Intergram's developers team

Here at Intergram, we take pride at our in-house developers team. We are basically a data company whose main task is redistribution of license fees for our copyright holders. For this we develop our SW internally and the IT department here is the core of our business.

Company Website Big Data, Financial Services, Legal 51-200 people Founded 1990 Public

Company Benefits

  1. Competetive salary
  2. Paid vacation
  3. Sick leave
  4. Food and drinks
  5. Remote work available
  6. Newest tech
  7. Equipment budget
  8. Pub visits monthly, breakfast weekly
  9. Flexible working hours
  10. Tech and language classes, courses and summits