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Interpersonal Frequency

We leverage data and technologies to enable public organizations to be more relevant, accountable & responsive in serving their communities.

The I.F. Team

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At I.F., we’re putting the government in the cloud. We design, build, maintain, and grow sites on our open source, highly available web stack for some of the largest cities, public libraries, and government agencies in the country. Our company’s purpose is to make government online more relevant, accountable, and responsive to everyone. We also created a suite of proprietary analytics tools that survey 3.4 million Americans each day. We are growing quickly and are looking for engineers to continue to deliver cutting-edge, open sourced websites for our clients.

I.F. is a 10 year-old company with team members in Seattle, Chicago, Denver, New York, and the DC area, among others.

We provide a remote work environment, so you don’t need to move for this job. We encourage face to face collaboration in our regional offices and expect you to travel when required. As a purpose and principles-driven organization, we want talented team members who want to make a difference.

Working remotely means we can bring together some of the best minds in the country. Between video calls and Slack, the distance evaporates quickly, and ideas, projects and puns fly at the speed of light. Working remotely also allows us to find harmony in work / life balance. 

Our Tech Stack

We also use:

- Memcached/Redis

- CentOS/Redhat Linux

- HAProxy

- MariaDB/MySQL Clustering

- Elasticsearch and/or Apache Solr

- Code repository hosting (e.g. Gitlab)

- Drupal Optimization

- Big Data (e.g. Hadoop, Redshift)

- Authentication Integration (e.g. LDAP/AD/SAML)

- Penetration testing

- Load testing

- GlusterFS

- Performance testing (e.g. New Relic, Blackfire)

- Jenkins

Job Openings



Government, Libraries, Web Hosting


11–50 employees





Company Benefits

  1. Unlimited vacation policy
  2. Access to training's and conferences in your field
  3. 401(k) available by the end of this year
  4. Flexible work schedule
  5. Three competitive medical plans to chose from
  6. Dental and vision plans
  7. Long and short term disability insurance
  8. Employer paid life insurance