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Intland´s codeBeamer ALM helps our clients develop safety-critical software better and faster.

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A virtual team of passionate developers

The majority of our dev team is coding away happily from their home offices in different locations in Hungary, but mostly Debrecen and Budapest. We communicate daily via Skype and codeBeamer of course, and work in Scrumban lead by our amazing allrounder project managers. We work on making codeBeamer better and faster every day, fix bugs, develop new features, customise it according to client needs and in many cases, our own ideas. We also have a dedicated team of testers who help us keep the quality at the highest standards as well as a support team communicating with the clients via tickets. Agile is not only a catchphrase for us, we have monthly sprints and everyone is welcome to talk to the client if they feel the need, there are no walls in communication. Our management is very hands-on and taking part in the daily work. They are always open for new ideas and support learning new technologies and trying things we have not done before. Part of the team meet monthly for sprint kickoff while all of us meet 4 times a year to relax and have some fun at our quarterly team buildings at some of the coolest sights in Hungary. The guys from Debrecen meet weekly in their spare time, plus we have amazing Christmas dinners together. Sometimes we travel to our Stuttgart HQ and enjoy the beanbags, unlimited ice cream and of course the company of at least two dogs at all times. Our dev team is the heart of codeBeamer. Come and join us!

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Intland Software GmbH - No office location
Company Website Agile Software Development, Information Technology, SaaS 51-200 people Founded 1998 Private


Company Benefits

  1. home office
  2. 4 team building events each year
  3. mentoring
  4. dog-friendly HQ
  5. work from the beach in the summer