5 days ago

We’re proud to be named a Top 10 Employer in the 2023 American Opportunity Index! Our employees are our greatest asset, and we continually invest in them to ensure they can do the best work of their lives. Powering prosperity begins with empowering our people.


2 weeks ago

We're thrilled to be recognized on Fortune's 50 AI Innovators list! With the launch of Intuit Assist, we’ve accelerated AI innovation at scale to deliver personalized AI-driven experiences to 100 million consumer and small business customers.


3 weeks ago

Recently Intuit launched Numaflow 1.0, one part of the Numaproj that includes two products: Numaflow for parallel stream processing and Numalogic for anomaly detection ML models. It’s completely open source and available now. Learn more about its features and how you can access it.


4 weeks ago

Global Engineering Days (GED) is a week-long hackathon for Intuit technologists to innovate and collaborate on passion projects. This year, we followed the Affordability Assist GED team to learn how they used GenAI to build a plugin to help customers gauge if they can afford expenses like a home.


5 weeks ago

Yesterday we announced the launch of Numaflow 1.0, a massively parallel, real-time data and stream processing engine, available for Kubernetes and as an ArgoCD extension. We’re excited to share this contribution to the cloud native and AIOps community and part of the next gen of tooling with GenAI.

Build a platform that unlocks financial opportunities for 100M+ customers around the world

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Intuit is the global financial technology platform that powers prosperity for the people and communities we serve with TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp. Our teams are fueling innovation through a common architecture shared by all of the company’s applications to deliver awesome customer experiences. 

At the foundation of our platform architecture is a 100% modern SaaS development environment that enables our developers to deliver code fast, with quality, security and compliance built in. This architecture also makes it possible for Intuit to accelerate AI at scale, resulting in 58 billion machine learning predictions per day and 730 million AI-driven customer interactions each year.

Our culture of experimentation, global engineering events, and tech initiatives enables diverse teams of talented technologists to solve complex problems with global impact for more than 100 million consumer and small business customers.

Our tech stack

Multiple pillars across the company’s platform teams power the Intuit stack, end-to-end:

  • Developer experiences - supports DevOps, runtime, self-serve testing, design, development tools, and design systems. Open source infrastructure tools built on cloud-native technologies, such as Kubernetes, Argo, OpenTelemetry, Envoy and GraphQL, plus a custom-built infrastructure to support abstracted development.
  • Security, data, AI infrastructure - these layers work together throughout the platform to: deliver secure customer experiences, services, and data that instill confidence and trust; organize, process, and interpret data for building smarter products faster; and power machine learning, knowledge engineering, and natural language processing capabilities to accelerate AI at scale. 
  • Customer capabilities - these basic building blocks enable customers to access Intuit products, including TurboTax and QuickBooks Live services that connect people to financial experts (tax, bookkeeping, etc.) on its AI-driven Virtual Expert Platform.
  • Applications - altogether these capabilities fuel innovation at speed and scale for Intuit applications. 



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Company Benefits

  1. Well-being for Life Reimbursement Program
  2. Employee Stock Purchase Program
  3. 401K Match
  4. Paid Volunteer Time and Donation Matching
  5. Paid Vacation
  6. Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance, plus HSA and FSA
  7. Parental Leave (Maternity & Paternity)
  8. Adoption & Fertility Benefits
  9. Transgender Benefits
  10. Spotlight Recognition Programs