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We make I.T. work!

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We make I.T. work!

We're a Georgia-based information technology company (with offices near Chattanooga, TN and Savannah, GA) that provides full-service IT management and software development services for businesses around the Southeast.

Whether our clients need our help with technical support, the latest in responsive website design, a mobile app for their sales force, or the full backing of an enterprise-ready software engineering team to architect the industries' most disruptive technology in decades ... we revel in it.

We Hire Exceptional Software Developers

You want to work here. You really do. Some of the reasons…

  • You are given great freedoms in your work. People who are great at their jobs are internally motivated and exceptionally skilled. We want nothing more than to let great people do their jobs. No micro-management here.
  • You are given great freedoms in your life. We work 40 hours a week. We go to our children's sports games. We leave the office to enjoy our lunches together. Work is important, but our lives and families are more important.  Take the afternoon off to go to your daughter’s recital / son's baseball game. Please, we want you to.
  • We have FUN! The technology toys we work with are a LOT of fun! Building new devices with the latest Arduino or Gadgeteer components. Writing tools for iPads or Surface Pros, NUCs, or even the Xbox. We get to do the jobs of experimenting to change the world with technology and it's just plain exciting.
  • Our vacation policy is, well, flexibleWe reward everyone who gets their work done. When you’re here, we expect a lot of you (and you're rewarded in kind). When you’re gone, we expect you’ll have some great experiences — and we hope you’ll share them with us. We want to be proud enough of your adventures to talk about you to everyone we meet, no matter where we go!
  • The North Georgia Mountains are a great place to live and work. We love the mountains that surround one of the great southern cities, and we bet you would too. Read about working and living in the area at and To top it off, we've just opened our incubator called the Dalton Innovation Accelerator, a startup pitch-competition called PitchDIA, as well as a satellite office in one of the other jewels of all southern cities, Savannah, so your love affair with the South doesn't have to end at home!

Check out some of our job opportunities, contact us if nothing is there as we're always looking even if no positions are currently open!



Disclaimer (e.g. maybe you DON'T want to work here): Our principles in the company (Brent, Jeremy, Lee & Stacey) are all top-level developers who wanted to shift the paradigm so that the developers are treated as essential pieces of our business.  We may code a little less these days, but we remember well the profits we made for companies that went unrewarded, we won’t forget that.

FWIW, we also didn’t relish working with people who couldn’t keep up. If you are uncomfortable learning new things and working through stuff yourself, you probably DON'T want to work here.

You've may not have heard of us and you've probably never worked with us, but the people who have get nothing but the best we've got.

We want the best, too.

Company Website Mobile Development, Software Development, Web Development 11-50 people Founded 2007 Private

Company Benefits

  1. Competitive Base Salary
  2. Equity Opportunities
  3. Health, Dental, Vision
  4. Performance-Based Revenue Sharing
  5. 401(k) Retirement Plan + Company Match
  6. Fully Stocked Kitchen with Snacks & Drinks
  7. Short & Long-Term Disability
  8. Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets! (We Eat Our Own Dog Food Here!)
  9. Generous Vacation