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ioki is inspiring smart mobility and shaping the future of Demand Responsive Transport, Mobility Analytics and Autonomous Driving

Culture in our technology team

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In our technology teams our mission is to create real world value and to have fun doing it.

We're practicing modern software development in a casual environment. We value clean code, automated tests, refactoring, TDD in the sense of test-driven-design and in the sense of test-driven-development, continuous integration, shipping early and shipping often. Other modern best practices like version control go without saying.

We believe that in order to build high quality software, we need the best possible tools. Our IT governance allows us to use what we think helps us best to achieve our goal of creating a great product.

We're constantly trying to get better at what we do, sharpen our tools, and learn to get better at developing the best possible software. We support each other in our work and our individual paths.

Software development for us is a collaborative process that can only succeed in an atmosphere, in which we can experiment, fail and learn, and help each other get better at what we do.

Code is not owned by a single person, but by the whole team. We use pull requests and extensive, respectful and friendly code reviews to ensure that the code we ship measures up to our own standards.

We host and visit multiple user groups and conferences. Because we know how important it is to always seek better ways to develop software, each employee at ioki has a budget they can use for learning and self-improvement, whether that means visiting a conference or video courses.

Building software is our craft. We take pride in our work. But we still have a happy and easy-going atmosphere in which we can passionately discuss tools, editors, keyboard and programming languages, always with a wink.

Our technology stack

Our technology stack is a combination of proven technology, like PostgreSQL, REST, JSON, Ruby on Rails in the backend, and modern components, like React in the frontend, Kotlin in the Android app, Swift in the iOS app and React Native for our driver application.


Before we add new and shiny things to our stack, we deeply question what the addition brings with it - pros and cons. That doesn't mean that we still persist on using FTP, XML and Java 6. We're just not playing catch up with every new buzzword and hype and do not change our architecture every 4 months. Instead we're using the latest versions of Ruby and PostgreSQL, keep our build targets up to date, use Swift, Kotlin and React Native.

As part of our tech team you too get the possibility to choose your own tools and shape our technology stack - with all the responsibility that comes with such decisions.


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ioki // Deutsche Bahn - Frankfurt, Germany
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High response rate

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Agile Software Development, Autonomous Driving, Public Transportation


51–200 employees







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