Jolly Science

The web is for users. We make stuff for them.
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2009

Jolly Science is Hiring

... so what? Why should you care?

  • If you want Autonomy over your schedule, and the ability to work when & where you want...
  • If you want Mastery of your skills, and a chance to stretch yourself with new technology, and to collaborate with like-minded code geeks...
  • If you want to control your own Purpose and direction, setting your daily output according to your personal priorities...

You should contact us right now for an interview.

What's in it for you?

  1. We're entirely remote.
    100% of our staff (including the founding partners) work from home. We don't own, rent, or squat in offices. We even try to avoid visiting our clients in theirs. We started a company to get out of the corporate culture, not perpetuate it.
  2. We value efficiency and output above all else.
    Lots of teams spend time and energy on team-building and culture. We're a team of individuals with our own lives, passions, and hobbies. Work is hard enough, there's no reason to make it worse. We communicate almost exclusively through an online ticket system (currently CodebaseHQ), and hold 1 weekly sprint call to plan accordingly. (this is the only 'attendance' we take). What matters to us is getting excellent work done on time, and under budget, every time.
  3. No-nonsense requirements.
    We are contracted as a surrogate development team for companies with too much work, and not enough code skillz. We assign specific tasks, deliverables, and solutions to our team. You will never be passed an unorganized PSD with no layer names, and asked to spit out fully-functional social app in 2 days. We work as a team to architect, test, develop, deploy, and maintain our projects.
  4. Excellent Clientelle.
    To date, this has included some of the largest brands in advertising, entertainment, sports, and news. Check out our site for more details (it's not updated much, 'cause we stay pretty busy with real work).
  5. No out-of-touch managers / account reps.
    If you have ever worked with interactive or digital agencies, you know what I mean. We are a team of hands-on professionals with decades of experience in the interactive industry. We sometimes have to deal with clueless clients - so our team never has to.


Who is Jolly Science?

Jolly Science is an innovation lab for web products. We plan and execute with extreme levels of prejudice and efficiency a process of development proven in the most extreme circumstances. Since our early days as young web scientists, our team members have developed and shipped hundreds of websites, Web & mobile apps, and interactive marketing campaigns for brands and organizations in nearly every vertical industry.

Additionally, because of our bias for genuinely enjoying our work, we believe not only in the highest quality of work, but in the quality of experience while doing that work, as well – both for the customer, and the service team. After decades of diligent study and lots of trial and error, we’ve custom-tailored our methodology to accommodate nimble workflows, diverse skillsets, and our massive crush on uber-efficiency. This means that we are constantly evolving – getting stronger, faster, and more scalable – to whatever you need.

Still reading?
Stop. Open a new draft email, and send me a list of links, and 1 paragraph about yourself. Include github code, linkedin profiles, pull-requests, live work, jsFiddles, etc... Make it easy to see how crazy hard you work to produce excellent results in no time flat.

Now for the bad news...
We're relentlessly picky with our team, so be ready - we are currently only adding one (1, uno) developer for our team. We want a Front End dev who can increase our bandwidth significantly right out of the gate, and can be able to plan with us on a month-to-month basis. We have nearly zero overhead, which allows us to pick the projects and clients we want. Right now, we've picked a few too many, and we need to prepare for them.

That said, we are still a small team. We pay competitive rates for good people, but don't expect us to bankroll your next trip to Guam. We trade luxuries like dual 27" widescreen monitors and a fully-stocked snack bar for being able to sleep-in after a long night, work-late after a fun day, and generally rule our own lives.

If you're an over-worked, under-appreciated dev at a lame-ass agency, looking for freedom, inspiration, and a solid work-life balance, contact us today.
If you're a process-oriented, self-motivated freelancer with an obsession for optimizing your code, performance, and collaboration, contact us today.
If you are still reading, stop. And contact us today!

Tools of the Trade

If there are any terms above with which you are not familiar, we highly recommend that you take 15 minutes to read up before submitting for a job. Candidates with a wholistic perspective of our stack will be given first priority.

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