Jumbo Supermarkets

2 weeks ago

Meet Rowena Belt, Agile Test Engineer at Jumbo Tech Campus! She contributed to the implementation of our current search engine: Bloomreach. Read more about the process of switching search engines in this article. Spoiler alert: ‘switching’ sounds a lot simpler than it was in this case.

Jumbo Supermarkets

5 weeks ago

When you travel somewhere around 9000 kilometers to come work and live in the Netherlands, you don’t just leave your old job behind, but also your family, friends, and your existing social life. Currious about the experiences of our colleagues? Read more here!

Jumbo Supermarkets

5 weeks ago

In apps and on sites you can't pick up a product to check for ingredients. That's why we let people add allergen information to their profile to completely personale their shopping experience. Want to know more? Check out this video!

Jumbo Supermarkets

6 weeks ago

Was Jumbo one of them? Probably not. But you may be surprised at just how far our Cloud-related ambitions go. In 2022 a major IT magazine mentioned us specifically as a leader in the deployment of Cloud infrastructure and technology. And for a good reason. Jos Brekelmans tells you all about it!

Jumbo Supermarkets

8 weeks ago

At Jumbo developers are working on a chatbot that can answer basic questions about delivery times, order statuses and so on. Why? To give our colleagues more time with our customers.

Jumbo Tech Campus: meet us in sillicon Veghel

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At Jumbo Tech Campus, we strive to become the most customer friendly supermarket of the world! This drive is everywhere and most certainly at the Jumbo Tech Campus. Because IT is in everything Jumbo does. Each and every day we develop new innovative solutions together, so that we can assist customers even better and shopping becomes even more enjoyable: from smart optimisations in the app to completely new store experiences. This is how Jumbo Tech Campus contributes towards everything within Jumbo.

We not only want the most enjoyable shopping experience for our customers but also for our colleagues. We challenge you to chase your ambitions and map out your own career path! We do not beat around the bush: sometimes you will be thrown in at the deep end. Show us what you can do! Seize opportunities. With the will to personally develop and grow, anything is possible at Jumbo Tech Campus!

Together we bring the Jumbo of the future to the here and now: together we create the next generation shopping experience.

Do you want to know more about our Jumbo Tech Campus? Check it here!

Being part of Jumbo Tech Campus involves designing and improving the IT landscape resulting in Jumbo exceeding  our customers' expectations and their wishes for their everyday groceries. From in-store advancements to online shopping features, the technology of tomorrow is shaped by innovative ideas put into practice by creative people  to better anticipate the customer's wishes.

As a fast-growing company, we rely on our IT department more than ever to design and maintain our systems both innovatively and securely. Moreover, to cope with the growth, since October 2017, Jumbo Tech Campus has grown to a department within Jumbo Supermarket of more than 350 national and international IT specialists and will continue to grow as we mobilize to innovatively meet the challenges of the future! 

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Our Tech Stack

Our Culture

Working at Jumbo is more than just a job. You will be part of a special family of people who dare to dream and dare to take big steps without fear! With service in line with the Jumbo formula, all actions are performed to give the customer the best possible shopping experience! 

The IT department of Jumbo Tech Campus is further categorized into the following enities: Digital, Core and Business Intelligence. To get a better understanding of the working environment and specifications per department, each entity is briefly described underneath. 

👩‍💻 Digital

Jumbo is a customer focused company, so in the end we just want to make good, clean and scalable software, which gives value to our customers. So one of the cool things about working at Jumbo is that you are working on a very tangible product used by millions of people.

As a software developer you will be working on challenging projects. You will be involved in technical decision making, writing amazing code and create a stunning e-commerce platform. By taking ownership of your code, you will make a difference!

You will be part of one of the scrum teams. Your agile team consists of Frontend and Backend developers, iOS developers, Android developers, UX Designers,  Testers, a Scrum Master, a Product Owner and a DevOps engineer. Together you will work in two-week sprints.

At our Jumbo Tech Campus, we aim to guarantee the best possible code by reviewing each other's work and trying to learn from each other whenever we can. You will work together with your fellow team members and provide them with constructive feedback, to make sure you and your team continuously improve. We also continuously test and analyze our systems performance to keep up with our ever-growing customer base. At Jumbo, every day is an experience!

📉 Core

Working in the Core department of Jumbo Tech Campus means supporting Jumbo’s core processes. We work in essence with master data. One of our tasks is getting the right products in the right quantity to the source, be i t a store or fullfillment center for example. Additionally, we make sure data flowing to the reporting tools is consistent and accurate. We manage the complexity of our integrations while using state-of-the-art systems, such as a complete SAP S4 HANA greenfield implementation. We are introducing DevOps and are investing heavily in automating our testing activities using Tricentis Tosca.

The names of the departments in Core are: FMCO, FICO, Supply Chain and Integrations. The technologies used include: SAP ECC modules such as SAP FICO, SD/MM, which are being migrated to s/4 HANA. Additionally, WMS, ABAP, FIORI, Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud services, microservices,

📈 Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence (BI) helps to improve the Business decision making process by providing meaningful insights on the data collected through the Jumbo stores. With data, reports and dashboards BI facilitates decisions on how – for instance - to improve margins, how to boost sales, how to improve our forecast.

Our landscape includes the following systems and tools:

Back end:

  • SAP CAR: Customer Activity Repository on SAP HANA database, a foundation that collects stores’ transactional data
  • SAP S/4 HANA: New generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, optimized for SAP's in-memory database SAP HANA
  • SAP BW/4HANA: Data warehouse based on SAP HANA
  • Azure Data Lake: to collect raw transactions data


  • Microstrategy Cloud: enterprise BI application software which supports interactive dashboard, highly detailed reports, ad-hoc query, mobile BI.

On top of that we work DevOps, so that we can better support our customers, and Agile/Scrum, to be flexible with our business requirements and priorities.


Check out what our colleagues have to say:

“I love the culture at Jumbo: the company is not afraid to innovate and it allows the teams to work and propose solutions without fearing failure, allowing us to share knowledge and constantly learn.

The company allows and support you in your personal growth: I changed different roles and in every step I received support and had a coach that helped me finding the best trainings and experiences to learn and improve.

The company trust the employees and encourage proactiveness. When I first joined as a developer I propose some solutions and even if I was new in the company, they allowed me to explore my idea, which were checked and improved by sharing them with other developers. I feel that every idea count.

There is an amazing international environment: even if we come from different countries and culture, we respect each other and the company support and encourage it with social event like the ‘international lunch’, where everyone can share some specialties from the original country. It’s an amazing way to know each other and to get to know other culture as well!” 

Marco Pace (Team Lead - Digital)

“What I really like about working for Jumbo is that there are a lot of opportunities to grow. There are many trainings you can follow to develop yourself, but you can also learn a lot from other colleagues. Working in an environment with that many different nationalities and backgrounds is really an enrichment as well!”

Anna Tan (Software Tester – Digital)

 “Jumbo is a large company with great ambitions, but it's also still a family company. I like that, it feels personal and humane, and this is reflected in the company's core values: to place the customer first. One day every year, the employees of HQ have to work in a Jumbo store, to be reminded of the "real world". I like that, it makes us humble towards them.

I work in an international team with very motivated and kind people from all over the world, but even though everyone has a very different background, it still feels like a warm family.

Jumbo is the kind of company that motivates the employees to get the best out of themselves. There are all kind of trainings, courses and coaches to help you improve.”

Treffers, Niels (UX Designer - Digital)

"I enjoy working at Jumbo Tech Campus because of the freedom we have here. Everyone wants to improve, and if you have an improvement, they are open for it. ‘Every day a little better!’ On top of that, I enjoy the Informal atmosphere which you often do not see in big organisations. No political fights, easy going and everyone is respectful to one another.

From the technical perspective: the SAP consultants are very keen on working with the new systems. S4 HANA, the infrastructure and cloud ways are state-of-the-art. Also, Jumbo is growing, and there is a lot going on. It is cool to be part of its success!"

Laurens Grandiek (Team Lead – Core)



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Data & Analytics, Software Development, Test Automation


10k+ employees









Office Locations

Company Benefits

  1. Freedom to explore, try and create
  2. Nearby Eindhoven (Cost of living is 6.81% lower than in Amsterdam)
  3. Shape the future of online food retail
  4. Excellent foodcafe: breakfast, lunch and dinner available all day
  5. International IT department: more than 50 different nationalities!
  6. Dresscode: your code!
  7. We have it all: men, women, LGTB's, nerds, foodies, creatives...
  8. We just opened a brand new building for our IT department
  9. Good salary and benefits (30 holiday days per year) + paid relocation
  10. You'll be surrounded with the best national & international IT talents