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Keeeb Europe GmbH

Unleashing Enterprise Intelligence

Our mission

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At Keeeb, we are passionate about enabling everyone to realize their full creativity and ingenuity by fundamentally improving access to knowledge.  

Up to now, the ever growing information available online and on corporate knowledge repositories only led to   “Information Overload”:

  • Information is poorly structured so that it is hard to find relevant knowledge
  • Information is stored in too many places to remember
  • Available search tools return poor results (too many or too few) 

We believe, that the continuously growing wealth of insights can be humanity’s greatest asset, given the right tools. We believe that it will enable every human to “stand on the shoulders of giants”, regardless of location, descent or buying power.

At Keeeb, we are building powerful applications that unleash enterprise intelligence and support users in any work environment and any context.

Working at Keeeb

Working at Keeeb means a lot a freedom for your ideas and opinions. We listen carefully to all ideas and you will be given the chance to experiment with new technologies to implement them.

We communicate our business decisions and the reasons behind them so we all know where we are going. We love direct, personal communication between employees and a flat, down-to-earth company structure.

We love virtual teams, and although we have offices in Hamburg, we are all distributed around the world. We work remotely, we love virtual teams!

Technology stack

Our technology stack currently consists of a RESTful backend microservices (API served by Pyramid and Django mainly – we’re Python geeks) that are used by our mobile apps, browser extensions and frontend. Frontend is built using Angular8 and Typescript along with SASS and the latest techniques of UI and UX.

We also use Redis for cache, PostgreSQL as our main data store, Elasticsearch for search and various other bits and pieces. We’ve recently incorporated AI and also Big Data (Hadoop + Hive + Spark). Deployment and development is done with the help of Docker and Ansible.

We use continuous integration (Jenkins + Bitbucket Pipelines) to build and deploy as often as possible. 



Information Technology


11–50 employees




Company Benefits

  1. Flexi-Time and PTO
  2. Hardware of your choice
  3. Regular All-together meetings somewhere in the world!
  4. Virtual team! Work wherever you want!