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About Kyruus Engineering

At Kyruus Engineering, our teams own their products, from development to deployment, including monitoring and quality. As Kyruus engineers, we are continuously learning from and teaching each other.  We value making the right design decisions and invest our time to know what's right. We know that our work isn't done until our applications are configurable, supportable, monitored, secure, and analyzable to drive future product decisions. Most of all, we respect each other, enjoy working with each other, and have fun together!

ProviderMatch suite of SaaS solutions run entirely out of AWS with: Python as back end, ReactJS as our front end, and myriad Amazon web services in between. We power public, consumer web sites, and the internal sites used by call center agents.


Company Website Enterprise Web Solutions, Healthcare, Medical Software 51-200 people Founded 2010 VC Funded

Company Benefits

  1. Unlimited vacation & flexible work arrangements
  2. Wellness benefit program
  3. Comprehensive health benefits
  4. Public transportation coverage & assistance
  5. Free snacks & weekly catered team lunches
  6. Stand-up desks
  7. Competitive salaries, 401k, and company equity
  8. We host and participate in Tech events like Hackathons and Meetups