Ideas to fruition.
  • 1-10 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2013

Creating a great team in Tampa Bay.

We are a new company, working on some cool ideas in the mobile and web development area. Having recently sold a previous company, we'd like to create an incredible team in Tampa and build out creative and interesting tech solutions. You'll be getting in on the ground level of something new and exciting, with founders who have experience in the technology world. 

Flexible Workspace

We know you can get a lot done at home, too. Our team will be required to work in the Tampa office a specific percent of time each week, and can work from home the other days!

We'll be focusing on iOS and web solutions, both our own projects and client work. We'll also be pouring some focus onto our first released project, Fuse.

We have great benefits

It's a quirky office - with a bar.

Bring your hardware, we'll handle the rest.

You can work from home a set percentage of time.

We're open to new ideas.

We aren't stuck in our ways.

We're looking to create Silicon Bay.

We already have a product to build on.

Our work focuses will be social, medical, and finance.

You'll be working with a young, talented team.

We already have income based projects for local businesses.