Learning Ovations, Inc.

Helping kids learn to read using the latest scientific research

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Our Team

We just broke into the commercial space in August 2018, when we went from 0 customers to 2,000 teachers with 20,000 students, and we expect to continue growing quickly.  

Right now, the company has ~25 employees, most of whom work remotely as representatives for the school districts we work with.  We have a very small dev team with 3 members and are scaling the team to meet the growing needs of the company.  We expect the company to roughly double in size over the next 8 months or so as more students start using our product.

The system itself was converted from a research tool to a commercial product several years ago, and one of the developers on that project is now serving as CTO and sole engineer (and he would really like some help with that!).  We also have an amazing offshore QA / UX team that handles automated and manual acceptance testing for any new code.

As a team, we have a very high level of autonomy.  Tech decisions are made by the tech team, not handed down by business.  Our roadmap is informed by the needs of the business, but the details of implementation are entirely under our control.  We're very tied into business decisions as well, and when company leadership gets together to make major decisions, tech has a seat at the table.  This collaboration is mirrored within the team, as team members are given a voice and a high level of ownership in their work.  We don't believe in just writing tickets and handing them down; plans are made as a team, and we work together to solve problems.  We're looking for people who find fulfillment when they're given the opportunity to be amazing and be publicly and financially recognized for their efforts.

Our Tech Stack

Our main platform is a Ruby on Rails v4 backend under a React / Redux frontend.  We also have several academic assessments that are written in PHP using the Laravel framework for backend and React / Redux for the frontend.  Our databases are a combination of mysql and mongodb.


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Company Benefits

  1. Competitive salary and full benefits
  2. Small, rapidly growing team with great upward mobility
  3. 100% remote dev team - work from anywhere
  4. Time every day to learn new skills or work on projects of your choice
  5. Bonuses / time off for extra effort - nobody has to work for free
  6. Work directly with nationally-recognized literacy researchers
  7. Totally inclusive team environment
  8. We are fully-funded through customer contracts and federal grants
  9. Cutting-edge solutions backed by 10 years of peer-reviewed research
  10. Make a difference for tens of thousands of K-3 students