Level 12

Level 12 is a software craftsmanship firm specializing in web and data(base) projects tailor-made for our customers.

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Our Tech Stack

We mostly build custom database-driven web applications.  However, we also do some BI/analytics work and the ETL and data-warehousing that comes with it.

Almost all our backend code is Python.  After a somewhat rocky start with JavaScript frameworks, we've recently drank the koolaid and hopped on board the React bandwagon.  We do A LOT of SQL development as our apps are typically very data-intensive.

We like to make our developers' lives as easy as possible.  To that end, we use lots of supporting services to make the development experience smooth:

  • Our server and networking infrastructure is hosted mostly on Linode, but we have also explored Amazon Web Services for some projects.
  • We use Ansible roles and playbooks to manage our servers and deploy our applications.
  • CircleCI for continuous integration (CI) support and specifically running our automated test suite.  We also use AppVeyor when CI for Windows tests are needed.
  • Codecov for test coverage report.  We love how Codecov integrates with GitHub pull requests (PR) so that we can see how a PR will change code coverage of the application.
  • GitHub for developer-friendly code repositories and integration workflows using PRs.
  • Docker for smoothing out OS differences between CircleCI and production.  We currently avoid Docker in production for the reasons described in: https://level12.io/blog/container-fundamentals-deployment/
  • Codetree and more recently ZenHub for better project management options than plain GitHub issues gives us.
  • Logzio for, you guessed it, log management and log alerting.
  • Sentry for application exception reporting and alerting.
  • Monitis for server and service monitoring and alerting.
  • Slack the glue that binds our team and notifications from many of the services above together.


Job Openings

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Level 12 - Louisville, KY
$75k - 115k Remote Paid relocation
Company Website Agile Software Development, Software Consulting, Software Development / Engineering 11-50 people Founded 2009 Private

Company Benefits

  1. Commitment to transparency
  2. Work from home option
  3. No drama office policy
  4. Emphasize work-life balance
  5. PTO/Vacation policies are designed so that you use them
  6. Commitment to Agile Principles
  7. Commitment to Automated Testing
  8. Profit sharing
  9. Healthcare stipend
  10. Schedule flexibility