Lonely Planet

The legendary travel brand goes digital.
  • Online Travel, Travel & Tourism, Travel Planning
  • 201-500 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 1972

Hooray! Lonely Planet is now a tech company.

The legendary travel/adventure company is going digital—again. This time, we're overhauling our desktop and mobile offerings and preparing to launch Lonely Planet into the 21st—nay, the 27th century. The ultimate goal is to create a kind of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy for travelers: a way of accessing rich, powerful, and contextual information about people, places, and things, whether you're on your computer in SOMA or on your smartphone in Kandahar.

Based on that description, you may be tempted to say that we're building an encyclopedia. Not so fast. Instead of a general reference tool, we're building a targeted searchlight for road warriors, a cicerone for globetrotters, a traveling companion that quickly and intelligently reports on everything from popular phrases to wall outlets to lethal animals. Because you have better things to do than getting eaten by a Komodo dragon on your honeymoon. What you see right now—our current website and apps—are the preface to a much grander vision that we hope to implement in the very near future. To that end, we're hiring the best and brightest from all over the globe with the intention of forming a world-class technology team. In other words: don't think of us as a company that only prints books. We're a technology company, and we're pretty stoked about it.

We're pretty chilled out.

At Lonely Planet we:

  • support a healthy work-life balance
  • provide flexible working arrangements
  • work as a unified team across Design, Development, Product, Operations and other broader groups of very talented people
  • are pretty relaxed about most things (every now and then someone even swears–you have been duly warned)
  • don’t really care what you wear (so long as you are clothed)
  • are obsessed with table tennis (not all of us).

Lonely Planet currently has development teams in London, Melbourne, Dublin, and San Francisco, and we’re growing a team in Nashville. We are looking for people with a variety of skills and experience.

Here's some info about our tech.

We’re big believers in "right tool for the right job" and encourage engineers to try new technology. But just to give you a taste, this is some of the technology we’re currently big fans of:

• Hypermedia APIs

• Ruby and Ruby on Rails

• ELK stack

• Nginx

• Sass, Haml, Coffescript

• Redis

• Pagerduty

• Varnish (Fastly)

• iOS and Android

• AWS, Chef

• Ubuntu, PostgreSQL

We love open-source development and encourage developers to open-source their work or contribute to open-source projects. This is a little of what we’ve been up to:

our engineering blog: http://engineering.lonelyplanet.com

our GitHub repo: https://github.com/lonelyplanet

We challenge engineers to be involved in the product, not just the code. In weekly planning sessions, engineers bring product and technology ideas and work together with product managers and designers to set priorities and goals for the week. TTD is an absolute must for us. There are no manual steps between a developer committing to master so we rely on automated tests catching bugs (not that anyone ever commits bugs into master, of course!).

We have great benefits

Work remotely!


Season ticket loan

15 - 25 days

Fortnightly dev day

Choose your own machine

Pension matching scheme

Conferences and training

Casual work environment

Work alongside a talented, driven team


Nashville, TN
San Francisco, CA
Melbourne, Australia
Dublin, Ireland
London, UK