We put text in context.
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2010

We believe that language is critical to every aspect of the way the people work. We aim to make text as easy for computers to understand as numbers and to make those insights actionable by people and systems.

Luminoso combines a unique approach to textual understanding with a comprehensive commonsense knowledge base, collected from the Internet for over fifteen years. This combination can bring an unparalleled level of insight to customer text data. We have two products, a SaaS dashboard and an API.

Why work here?

We look to address big challenges with technology and want people who think outside the box about options and possibilities. What's the next problem to solve? That's a question we want people asking, and our employees are people who are excited about finding the answers.

We're three years old and our team is about twenty people. We have great benefits for a small company and the most tea of any company in Kendall Square. We work in a beautiful new space close to lots of delicious things, the subway, a brewery, and an indie movie theater. We believe in a work-life balance, quiet coding environment, tasty food, and good chairs.

What we use:

We have great benefits

We actually take vacations!

Professional development benefit

Good health and dental

Everyone belongs here

More tea than any tech company in Kendall Square. And drip coffee.

Women-led tech company

Fitness benefit

The printer mostly works!


Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02139